Vancouver Island man arrested for tearing down anti-pipeline blockade

One Vancouver Island man was arrested yesterday as residents teared down a blockade that was stopping access to a highway.
Nico Johnson Montreal, QC

One Vancouver Island resident was arrested yesterday as residents tore down a blockade that was stopping access to a highway, according to Global News.

The blockade was erected by protesters who are opposed to Coastal GasLink pipeline being built across Northern British Columbia. The pipeline is being built over traditional Wet’suwet’en territory.

These protesters were soon met by local residents who attempted to pull down the barricades. Many of the residents were wearing masks, and the police attempted to divide the two sides.

The confrontation was so heated that one resident drove a truck through the barriers.

One man was arrested for obstruction after he repeatedly tore down the barriers erected by the protesters. Police refused to arrest any of the protesters who were blocking the highway as they did not have orders from their superiors to do so.

Over the past few days, anti-pipeline protestors have placed blockades throughout the country, bringing Canadian infrastructure to a halt.

In Ontario, protestors blocked the tracks at Belleville, cancelling all trains between Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. In Vancouver, protesters blockaded the Port of Vancouver, which left workers without pay until the police enforced the injunction and arrested the demonstrators.

The decision to allow Coastal GasLink pipeline was given approval by all 20 First Nation band councils in the area. Some of these band councils even had referendums on the matter, which subsequently approved the pipeline.

Nico Johnson
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