Vandal spray paints vulgarity on Catherine McKenna’s office

Catherine McKenna, the controversial Environment Minister in Justin Trudeau’s government, has had her office vandalized. The vandals spray-painted sexist slurs in red paint, on her constituency office window.
Nico Johnson Montreal, QC

Justin Trudeau’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna had her office vandalized overnight on Wednesday.

The vandals spray-painted a sexist slur in red paint on her constituency office window. “C***” in all-caps was found on the front of the office Thursday morning.

McKenna responded to the obscenity by stating, “This is really beneath us as Canadians. I’m angry and, quite frankly, really disappointed.”

McKenna has often been subject to online trolling through her role in promoting the federal government’s carbon tax, including Rebel Media promoting the sexist nickname “Climate Barbie”. McKenna was also subject to similar offensive graffiti throughout the campaign trail, with offensive words being scribbled on lawn signs.

Recently she’s needed to have a security detail accompany her.

Nico Johnson
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