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Andy Ngo and Jarryd Jaeger

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Socialist Colorado lawmaker dismisses Hamas civilian massacres when confronted at Palestine celebration rally: 'What about it?'

"What about it?" Colorado state Rep. Tim Hernandez, a Democrat and DSA member, said when a Denver resident accused him of not condemning Hamas' mass executions and kidnappings of Israelis.

Andy Ngo and Jarryd Jaeger / Oct 10, 2023

American News

Portland Antifa leader and OnlyFans starlet scheduled for trial over violent attack

Alissa Eleanor Azar has been charged with multiple violent felonies related to her filmed participation in violent Antifa attacks in the Portland area.

Andy Ngo and Jarryd Jaeger / Jul 11, 2023

News Analysis

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland communist group is erecting dangerous homeless encampments next to people's houses

People’s Housing Project LLC, a communist group and business, is erecting homeless encampments in Portland next to residents' houses.

Andy Ngo and Jarryd Jaeger / Mar 21, 2023

International News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Hungarian Police speak with TPM about suspected Antifa attacks in Budapest

Eight men and women in the Hungarian capital were beaten by groups of masked militants in four separate attacks starting on Feb. 9.

Andy Ngo and Jarryd Jaeger / Feb 17, 2023

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