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BREAKING: Alex Jones NWO Wars video game released

Use your skills to fight the globalists and prevent them from turning the friggin' frogs gay.

The Post Millennial / Nov 16, 2023


EXCLUSIVE: James Lindsay 'restricted' on X after arguing with radical feminists on trans ideology, Marxism

"If you think Twitter/X is a free speech platform now," Lindsay said, "it's not."

Libby Emmons / Nov 15, 2023

American News, Culture

WOKE CHRISTMAS: Target sells black disabled Santa in Wheelchair ornament

The Santa figures do come in a variety of flesh tones for max diversity representation.

Libby Emmons / Nov 15, 2023


The Marvels movie TANKS at box office, media blames ‘sexism’

The film is in a long line of recent disappointments for Disney.

The Post Millennial / Nov 14, 2023


Trans TikToker freaks out after AI filter keeps 'misgendering' him

"No! No f*cking way!"

Libby Emmons / Nov 3, 2023


Disney pushes back live-action Snow White release date amid actors strike

The film, starring Rachel Zegler, has had its release delayed from March 22, 2024, to March 21, 2025.

Hannah Nightingale / Oct 27, 2023


Gen Z wants less sex on television, in movies: UCLA study

51.5 percent said that they "want to see more content focused on friendships and platonic relationships."

Libby Emmons / Oct 27, 2023


EXCLUSIVE: New Free the People doc launches about DC restaurant Big Board, which was shuttered for defying Covid lockdowns

"An inspirational reminder of what can happen when a few courageous people stand for their fundamental rights."

The Post Millennial / Oct 27, 2023


Dinesh D'Souza's 'Police State' reveals how the US government has weaponized itself against Americans

For anyone who lived through 9/11, the past two decades have given them a social whiplash.

Libby Emmons / Oct 26, 2023


'LEZBOLLAH': Lesbian club at Columbia University hosts 'free Palestine' black lesbian film night, says 'Zionists aren't invited'

"It's FREE PALESTINE over here: Zionists aren't invited. See you soon, LionLez."

Libby Emmons / Oct 25, 2023


EXCLUSIVE: California high school students stage pro-Hamas walkouts after textbooks instill anti-Israel, pro-jihad views

Students take up the cause of America's enemies because they have been taught, explicitly, to do so.

Libby Emmons / Oct 21, 2023


Britney Spears reveals she aborted her baby with Justin Timberlake after he told her they were 'too young'

"I always expected us to have a family together one day."

Libby Emmons / Oct 17, 2023


Male model Dylan Mulvaney wins 'woman of the year' from queer British magazine Attitude, sponsored by Virgin Atlantic

In early "girlhood" videos, Mulvaney said that he was a "bimbo," while more recently he's undergone a bit of a "glow up," wearing designer clothes and making the covers of fashion magazines.

Libby Emmons / Oct 12, 2023


Playboy fires Mia Khalifa after porn star doubles down on praising Hamas terrorists who kidnapped and killed innocent Israelis

Khalifa doesn't seem at all concerned by the fact that terrorists she supports would sooner see her raped and dead for her immoral actions than celebrated for having sex with men on camera for money.

Libby Emmons / Oct 9, 2023


Burger King, Hello Fresh pull ads from Rumble as Russell Brand cancellation intensifies

These fresh cancellings come after The News Movement, a TikTok channel, called the advertisers to tell them their content was appearing alongside Brand's videos.

Libby Emmons / Sep 23, 2023

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