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Anna Nienhuis

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Majority of Canadians agree abortion for sex selection is wrong

Despite the majority of Canadians opposing the allowance of abortion for sex selection, our leaders have failed to take a stand against it.

Anna Nienhuis / Mar 7, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

Justice will not be served in sentencing of man who murdered his wife and pre-born child

That little girl, who was inside Arianna during the attack, and who died with her while waiting for emergency services to arrive, is not recognized as a victim.

Anna Nienhuis / Apr 30, 2019


Incremental abortion laws: Worth the effort?

The abortion pill opens up a whole new avenue of horror, as women are taken out of the clinical environment of a doctor’s office and left to handle painful cramping, heavy bleeding, and disposal of a human fetus on their own.

Anna Nienhuis / Jan 16, 2019


Ad Standards Canada Censors Pro-Life Billboards in Contradictory Ruling

The contradictory nature of the rulings shows that it is not about the accuracy of the message, but about who is saying it.

Anna Nienhuis / Nov 16, 2018

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