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Ari Hoffman and Libby Emmons

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BREAKING: Saudi Arabia publicly rejects Biden's demands to lower oil price before US elections

The administration claimed that the ask to Saudi Arabia to delay their cutback on oil production was not at all a political move. Saudi Arabia said that it was, and that their decision to cut production was an economic, not a political one.

Ari Hoffman and Libby Emmons / Oct 13, 2022

News, American News

EXCLUSIVE: Father of football player at Washington state school claims COVID ankle monitors were mandatory

A father of a football player told The Post Millennial that a meeting was held during which students and their families were informed that athletes could wear the monitors or forego participation.

Ari Hoffman and Libby Emmons / Aug 25, 2021

News, American News

BLM cop killer arrested after mother posts about his crime on Facebook

A mother took to Facebook to ask for prayers for her son. Carolyn Washington wrote: "In shock My son killed a police officer and wounded another one Asking for PRAYER."

Ari Hoffman and Libby Emmons / Jul 15, 2020

#unrestricted, News, American News

BREAKING: Seattle mayor compares armed occupation of her own city to a 'block party'

Police in Seattle returned to the the East Precinct which was abandoned when Antifa-led protestors took over a six-block area of the city earlier this week.

Ari Hoffman and Libby Emmons / Jun 11, 2020

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