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Brad Betters

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Conservatives must listen to their base on immigration, not the left-wing media

It’s amusing that liberals obviously shouldn’t be trusted to have conservatives’ best interests at heart, and frightening because too many conservative politicians and consultants are naïve enough not to realize this.

Brad Betters / Apr 2, 2019

Politics & Policy

Bernier’s immigration policy is backed by his libertarian ideals

In calling to reduce immigration, Bernier is being perfectly faithful to free-market thought.

Brad Betters / Mar 16, 2019


BETTERS: Why didn’t the candidates raise the issue of housing demand in Burnaby South?

Candidates failed to tie the issue of immigration and housing together.

Brad Betters / Feb 26, 2019

Canadian News, News

Conservatives could be winning big votes on this issue in Burnaby South: birth tourism

The Irish, British, New Zealand, and Australian governments also once had automatic citizenship policies, however, they all ended it years back in response to growing public anger. Meanwhile, no other European or Asian nation, again, including Hong Kong, has such a system.

Brad Betters / Feb 22, 2019

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