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Daniel Bordman

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A modern Samurai’s war on anti-Semitism

A Samurai is someone who fights with honour for a righteous cause, and does not stand idly by in the face of evil.

Daniel Bordman / May 1, 2019

International News

Netanyahu leads in a close election with over half votes counted

The Israeli election just happened, here’s a breakdown of the early results.

Daniel Bordman / Apr 9, 2019

Canadian News, News

“I saw my ISIS captor and rapist in Canada”: Former Yazidi sex slave

It says a lot about the hollowness of our allegedly feminist government, that a survivor of sexual slavery does not have the confidence in the Canadian government to protect her from ISIS here in Canada.

Daniel Bordman / Mar 8, 2019


Swedish media more worried about hate speech than ISIS

Well, here is the newest phrase to the Social Justice lexicon: brutal beheadings are now “knife damage to the neck”.

Daniel Bordman / Dec 30, 2018


Synagogue bullied by so-called “Anti-Racism Activist”

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network endangered a Toronto synagogue after claiming it had ties to Islamophobia.

Daniel Bordman / Dec 19, 2018

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