Henry George

Henry is a freelance writer and researcher based in Britain. He has written for a range of outlets, including Merion West, University Bookman, Intercollegiate Review, Arc Digital and Quillette.

2 months ago

Antisemitism is rising in the UK

Antisemitism, whether implicit through so-called anti-Zionism, or stated outright, has become an acceptable prejudice for the liberal centre, the woke left and the Islamist radicals, and it must not be.

Henry George
7 months ago

Post-liberalism and lessons learned from Bernhard Dietz's 'Neo-Tories: The Revolt of British Conservatives against Democracy and Political Modernity'

These unstable times between political and moral worlds throw up the possibility of a darker turn, towards a vision of life and politics inimical to human flourishing.

Henry George
9 months ago

France's fight for sovereignty against terrorism

Macron is fighting to save the integrity of the French state against an extremist worldview totalitarian in its ends and homicidal in its means.

Henry George
10 months ago

Free speech on college campuses suppressed across the English-speaking world

Multiple reports confirm that actually, conservatives' claims are legitimate. Free speech has been strangled on college campuses in Canada, America, and Britain.

Henry George

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