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Anna Slatz and Ian Miles Cheong

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Culture, #noads

EXCLUSIVE: Pedophiles are using Twitter to share child porn

A new investigation by The Post Millennial reveals that the distribution of child pornography is happening in plain sight on Twitter.

Anna Slatz and Ian Miles Cheong / Jul 1, 2020

International News

WATCH: Ecuador’s coronavirus whistle blowers reveal horrifying mass death

Citizen reports from Ecuador portray a situation more dire than what is reported to the World Health Organization.

Anna Slatz and Ian Miles Cheong / Apr 2, 2020

Opinion, American News, Culture

The mob hits Broadway: young actress targeted for social media past

A promising young Broadway star is getting “cancelled” after Twitter discovered she was following “conservative” accounts on Twitter.

Anna Slatz and Ian Miles Cheong / Feb 12, 2020

News, Culture

EXCLUSIVE: University professors are working with pro-pedophile charity

Pedophile acceptance movements appear to be gaining traction as some academics are taking up the cause of advancing the rights of “minor attracted people.”

Anna Slatz and Ian Miles Cheong / Feb 7, 2020

Opinion, Culture, Technology

Journalist doxes popular Twitter account @neontaster, white nationalists rejoice

On January 11th, popular Twitter user @neontaster was doxed by journalist Michael Tracey. White nationalists took to Twitter to celebrate the dox.

Anna Slatz and Ian Miles Cheong / Jan 12, 2020

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