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Jeremy Patzer

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Trudeau kicks off 2021 with brand new tax hike for Canadians

The government wants to bring an end to life as you know it. The Clean Fuel Standard and the Carbon Tax were specifically designed to drastically change your behaviour.

Jeremy Patzer / Jan 12, 2021

Canadian News, Opinion

Dr. Leslyn Lewis is the leader Canada desperately needs

"To focus on what makes us different," says Leslyn, "whether that's race, gender or religion, rather than what we have in common has never served to bring people together."

Jeremy Patzer / Jun 3, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

The coronavirus exposes the need for compassionate palliative care

Many are left wondering why we can crowd around in a Walmart or Canadian Tire, but are not able to be with our loved ones in the final days of their life.

Jeremy Patzer / May 29, 2020


Carbon tax rebate does not add up

The Trudeau government’s carbon tax rebate isn’t adding up to real savings for average Canadians, despite what Liberals would have you believe.

Jeremy Patzer / Jan 19, 2020


No regard for Saskatchewan or Alberta in Liberal Throne speech

Trudeau’s Throne speech failed to address the alienation felt by western Canada.

Jeremy Patzer / Dec 6, 2019

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