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Josh Lieblein

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Canadian News, Opinion

#Gamergate targets the CBC

Members of #Gamergate have launched mission “#OperationCanadianBaConII”, sending CRTC complaints about CBC’s bias. The CBC’s license is getting renewed.

Josh Lieblein / Jan 20, 2020


Star Wars has gotten too big for its own good

The latest Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker, from Disney was entertaining, but the saga has gotten too unwieldly and the story too routine.

Josh Lieblein / Dec 28, 2019


The future of Conservative culture creation is here… and it’s geeky

From Thump the Trump fictional bunny to space opera, conservative counter culture is nerdy.

Josh Lieblein / Dec 27, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Why I’m voting Conservative

A CPC supporter explains why they’re voting Conservative in the 2019 election.

Josh Lieblein / Oct 21, 2019

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