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Shane Miller

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Politics & Policy

“Democratic” socialism is a sham: Western countries can’t go down the road travelled by Venezuela and others

In an interview, last October, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper ascribed the continued fascination with Marxism to Western academics that relentlessly attempt to advance their revolutionary fantasies.

Shane Miller / Jan 29, 2019


Is there a way out of this polarized moment?

My transition from the liberal-Left to the classical liberal-Right is a story that most are likely used to hearing by now.

Shane Miller / Jan 22, 2019


The demise of the university as an Enlightenment institution

One can’t help but to compare the treatment of Lindsay Shepherd and Peter Boghossian to some of the startling characteristics of Communist regimes.

Shane Miller / Jan 10, 2019


Could 2019 be the year when honesty prevails when it comes to radical Islam?

The last quarter of 2018 provided copious amounts of fodder for combatants in the battle of ideas.

Shane Miller / Jan 1, 2019


Woke people find problems everywhere

While members of the “oppressor” class must always repent, woke types must abide by the rules of wokeness, or be viciously ostracized.

Shane Miller / Dec 24, 2018


Migration, Sovereignty, and their Discontents

The debates over the UN Global Compact for Migration demonstrate how there’s an ever-growing divide between the government’s ambitions and the people’s interests.

Shane Miller / Dec 21, 2018


Political correctness will be the death of us

The West has failed to assert its values to appease those who despise them, and the outcomes are catastrophic.

Shane Miller / Dec 17, 2018


The left has a problem with “Virtuous” Antisemitism

The Left obviously agree that Antisemitism is bad, but many also seem to think some of its manifestations are more tolerable than others.

Shane Miller / Dec 10, 2018

Canadian News

The “Healthcare is a right” fallacy

The common argument made by the Left that “Health care is a right” is severely flawed, and muddles the debate about health care policy.

Shane Miller / Dec 6, 2018

Canadian News

We will hear about Stephen Harper until the end of time

Stephen Harper has had a lasting impact on Canadian and international politics

Shane Miller / Dec 5, 2018


Trudeau's undying love for Cuba: Canada's shameless support for tyranny

Canada votes now along with North Korea on measures that sought to hold Cuba accountable for widespread human rights violations.

Shane Miller / Nov 29, 2018


Concern over excessive immigration and its impact isn’t just right-wing paranoia

It is time we discussed excessive immigration.

Shane Miller / Nov 19, 2018

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