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Tanya Granic Allen

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Is Doug Ford anti-Catholic? He’s forcing Catholic school boards to adopt gender ideology

Premier Doug Ford’s government has forced the Ontario Catholic school boards to start teaching unscientific and anti-Catholic gender theory to its students.

Tanya Granic Allen / Nov 17, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Opt-out of sex-ed? Sorry, but this is another Doug Ford lie

In other words, parental opt-out applies to less than half of 1% of the elementary school experience. For the other 99% plus of the time, it is “open season” on your children’s “gender identity”.

Tanya Granic Allen / Sep 23, 2019


Randy Hillier was right to blow the whistle against Brown-style centralization of power under Ford

Randy Hillier took a brave step in speaking truth to power last month. Mr. Hillier’s letter outlining his ethical and legal concerns surrounding Premier Ford’s key advisors is quite revealing.

Tanya Granic Allen / Apr 24, 2019


It's time for Doug Ford to consult Ontario parents about sex-ed

Doug Ford claims that “listening to the people” is a hallmark of his approach to politics. Well, Doug, there are many hundreds of thousands of parents who have a keen interest in the sex ed curriculum of this province.

Tanya Granic Allen / Dec 22, 2018

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