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Man punches 17-year-old Sesame Place employee who asked him to wear a mask

Police are currently searching for a man in Langhorne, Pennsylvania who allegedly punched a 17-year-old employee of Sesame Place after he was asked by the employee to wear a mask on Sunday.

Collin Jones

PURE EVIL: Neighbour shoots 5-year-old boy in the head while he plays outside with siblings

A young boy is dead following a shooting that took place in Wilson, North Carolina on Sunday.

Sam Edwards

Ghislaine Maxwell says she is being treated worse than other inmates

Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers have argued that she is being treated worse than other inmates in the New York federal jail, where she has been put under 24-hour surveillance and regular body scans.

Collin Jones

Trump may give acceptance speech from Gettysburg—CNN says that's racist

Trump announced that he may give his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination from the Gettysburg memorial. CNN said that this is some kind of nod to the Confederacy.

Libby Emmons

'It would be like The Purge': Detroit residents, mayor resist calls to defund the police

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan believes the loudest voices in the calls for defunding the police would not feel the impact of the cuts, as they don't live within the city limits.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Federal judge lifts 50-person wedding limit in two New York couples' lawsuits against Gov. Cuomo

A federal judge in Syracuse ruled in favour of two New York couples who challenged the state's 50-person cap on wedding celebrations.

Mia Cathell

NFL to ditch live on-field singing of the national anthem

The NFL will drop on-field live performances of the national anthem before kickoff this season to curb COVID-19 transmission.

Mia Cathell

'Coordinated' looters use U-Hauls to rob stores

Looters appear to be moving around in rented U-Haul vans and trucks, raising serious suspicions that the looting isn’t as random as may be thought.

James Anthony

BREAKING: Woke city council forces Seattle's first black female police chief to resign

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, the city's first black female police chief, will resign Wednesday morning after city council enacted massive cuts to the department, and substantially reduced her pay.

Ari Hoffman

BREAKING: Kamala Harris unfollows Joe Biden on Twitter as VP announcement approaches

Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has appeared to unfollow Joe Biden on Twitter.

Barrett Wilson

BREAKING: Secret service shoots armed suspect at the White House

At a news conference this evening, President Trump was whisked away from the podium by Secret Service after there was a shooting outside the White House.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Salt Lake police officer shoots a man who is holding a person hostage with a knife

The video shows the officer shooting 34-year-old Andrew Jacob Preece. The incident took place on July 25.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BLM mob shoot at Wisconsin cop and physically assault him

Protestors allegedly shot at a black police officer while chanting “black lives matter” in Wisconsin on Saturday night.

Sam Edwards

Seattle's cancelled weatherman speaks out in exclusive interview

"A big element of what happened in Nazi Germany was that a lot of people, good people that should have known better said nothing. They were afraid. And that was true here," Mass said.

Ari Hoffman

Reddit troll dupes Lincoln Project into believing Ben Shapiro set up an Antifa website

Infamous leftist troll Adam Rahuba created a fake Antifa recruitment site, inserting Ben Shapiro's name and Daily Wire email address into the source code and framing him as the creator. The Never-Trump group Project Lincoln then amplified the hoax on Twitter.

Mia Cathell