Basketball poster in Portland mistaken for 'white supremacist' symbol by Antifa

An image of a hand posed in an "okay" symbol inside the window of a Portland federal courthouse was mistaken for a "white supremacist" and Ku Klux Klan sign by Antifa social media accounts.

Andy Ngo

Antifa and BLM claim black shooter in Portland incident is a 'white supremacist'

Antifa and supporters of Black Lives Matter copy-and-pasted a falsehood on social media about a shooting that took in place in Portland, Oregon on Friday night. They claimed that the shooter, who is black, is a white supremacist.

Andy Ngo and Collin Jones

Seattle officials worked hard to appease BLM and Antifa occupiers

As opposed to treating the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) as an armed takeover of the city, Seattle officials saw it as an opportunity.

Ari Hoffman

Still no justice six weeks after BLM-inspired looting in Portland

More than $4.8 million was lost in property damage in one night of rioting in Portland. Portland police are seeking the public’s help in identifying looting and riot suspects.

Mia Cathell

Antifa militant arrested, faces federal charges for burning Portland police precinct

Rollin Tristan Fodor, 18, was arrested yesterday for felony charges related to the attempted arson of the Portland Police’s North Precinct during an Antifa riot weeks ago.

Mia Cathell

Seven Antifa militants face federal charges after arrests in Portland

Seven Antifa militants have been arrested by authorities in Portland and are facing federal charges for participating in a violent riot outside of a US courthouse.

Barrett Wilson

Riots break out in Portland for the 38th consecutive day

Law enforcement in Portland, Oregon declared a riot around 11 p.m. Saturday night, marking it as the 38th consecutive day of protests and riots following the death of George Floyd.

Collin Jones

Anti-American activists burn flags on Independence Day in #FlagBurningChallenge

On July 4th, activists from leftist groups across the United States took to the streets to burn the American flag in major cities, including the nation’s capital.

Mia Cathell

Journalist attacked by 'Black Bloc' militants at Antifa riot in Portland

Independent journalist Tristan Taylor was beaten and robbed around 1AM on Saturday morning by black bloc militants during his livestream of Antifa riots in Portland.

Mia Cathell
Ian Miles Cheong

WATCH: Antifa miltants try to burn down Portland courthouse, torch pioneer statue

The Post Millennial's editor-at-large, Andy Ngo, shared video of the protests in Portland, Oregon on Thursday night that show protestors and members of Antifa attempting to burn down a federal courthouse.

Quinn Patrick

'I don't want to get killed by these Antifa people': Seattle resident speaks out about life in occupied zone

"I own property here," the man said by way of identifying himself, and added he "would rather not get into it. I don't want to get killed by these Antifa people."

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Protestor fires multiple times into SUV during BLM demonstration

A zoomed-in video shows one protestor pulling a firearm and shooting at the SUV.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Andy Ngo testifies before Congress on Antifa violence—Democrats insist Antifa doesn't exist

Andy Ngo, editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, spoke to Congress today about Antifa violence. Yet ranking Democrats on the committee don't believe that Antifa exists.

Libby Emmons

Andy Ngo to brief the House Oversight Committee on Antifa

Following his announcement on June 4 that he would be suing Antifa for being assaulted, stalked, and threatened in the summer of 2019, Andy Ngo has now been invited to brief the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on the far-left extremist group on Monday.

Collin Jones

BREAKING: Journalist Jack Posobiec assaulted by Antifa in front of Emancipation Memorial

One America News journalist Jack Posobiec was assaulted by Antifa insurgents at the demonstration to topple the Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park, in Washington DC.

Ian Miles Cheong