11 arrested at violent Antifa protest outside Portland ICE facility

Antifa activists resumed rioting in Portland on Friday night after a brief hiatus due to the wildfires ravaging the West Coast. 11 arrests were made by Portland Police.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

BREAKING: BLM activists descend on gay DC neighbourhood, assault residents

BLM activists took to the streets on Saturday evening, protesting systemic racism. Troubling reports and footage of out the DC area depict protesters harassing and attacking people in the gay neighborhood.

Angelo Isidorou

BREAKING: Antifa show up for non-existent 'Proud Boys' rally in Philadelphia—attack media instead

He and his camerawoman, Lisa Reynolds Barbounis, were attacked in lieu of Proud Boys. Klüg has a show where he interviews protesters, but things in Philly did not go as planned and he and his team were chased and assaulted by Antifa.

Angelo Isidorou

GoFundMe deletes black Trump supporter's fundraiser for bulletproof vests, keeps Antifa's identical fundraiser up

GoFundMe deplatformed a fundraiser for protective vests launched by a black conservative who was allegedly stabbed by an Antifa militant—but allows an Antifa version with over $36,000 raised to remain up.

Mia Cathell

Portland woman thinks murdered Trump supporter got what he deserved

"Don't be a f***ing Trump supporter in Portland," said a woman on the streets of that riot ridden City in response to the news that Aaron "Jay" Danielson was killed.

Libby Emmons

Progressive news outlet runs rioter's false doxxing accusation against Andy Ngo without verifying with police

Portland paper Willamette Week published a article Wednesday on Andy Ngo, conflating his coverage of violent rioters with inciting violence upon them. Now a woman's central claim in the article is falling apart.

Mia Cathell

BLM rioter charged by feds for setting Portland police building on fire

A Portland man is accused by federal authorities of trying to set the Portland Police Bureau’s north precinct on fire at a violent Black Lives Matter-Antifa protest in June.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

'Nonbinary queer' activist accused of assaulting cops with laser at Portland Antifa riot

A Portland self-described “proud nonbinary queer” activist is facing charges for shining a high-powered green laser directly into the eyes of cops during a violent Black Lives Matter-Antifa riot in July.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

Portland rioter indicted by grand jury for allegedly shining laser into cop's eyes

A grand jury indicted a rioter for allegedly shining a high-powered laser into a law enforcement officer's eyes during a violent Portland protest last month.

Mia Cathell

BLM riot damages 'worst in history' totalling over $2 BILLION

The Insurance Information Institute has compiled some pretty shocking data. According to them, property damage claims due to the riots this summer have now probably surpassed $2 billion, making them the costliest riots in US history.

James Anthony

Progressive news outlet complains that Andy Ngo's coverage of violent crime harms violent suspects

Portland paper Willamette Week provided a platform for Portland rioters charged with crimes who are upset that Andy Ngo posted public records profiling their alleged criminal activity.

Mia Cathell

FBI seeks accused rioter previously released by Portland Police

The FBI announced on Tuesday it is seeking a man who was previously arrested—and released—for striking a Portland cop in the face with a skateboard.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

Sorority girl accused of rioting in Lancaster has bail set at $1 million

A university student and sorority sister was among eight arrested Sunday and slapped with $1 million bails each.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

BREAKING: DHS leaked email confirms Antifa is an organized group

The email explains that Antifa is organized and runs contrary to reports in the mainstream media that Antifa was not responsible for anti-police violence.

Ian Miles Cheong

BLM mob confront law enforcement outside of LA hospital where two cops are in critical condition

Upon arrival, they attempted to break into the hospital. When they failed to do so, they blocked the entrances and chanted "we hope they die." This information is coming from the LA Country Sheriffs.

Angelo Isidorou