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Quebec government to help bail out Cirque du Soleil amid pandemic

The famous Cirque du Soleil is set to be bailed out by Quebec's provincial government, as announced by Pierre Fitzgibbon, Quebec's Economy Minister.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Ontario drive-in theatres eagerly awaiting green light to reopen

Drive-in movie theatres have not yet been allowed to reopen since the pandemic first hit, but are still waiting on approval from the provincial government.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Canadian employers having difficulty hiring due to CERB payouts

As businesses begin reopening, complete with new social distancing guidelines, some employers are finding it hard to entice staff to return to work.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Montreal area retailers set to reopen today

Businesses that were forced to close at the end of March due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be reopening on Monday in the Greater Montreal area.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

The Globe and Mail asks Trudeau government for more bailout money

The Globe and Mail asked the government for more federal aid yesterday following significant revenue losses.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Shopify moves to permanent work from home model

Canadian tech giant Shopify has changed its work model to a "digital by default" model. The change was inspired by coronavirus lockdowns.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Soaring household debt means Trudeau government must dial back coronavirus support carefully

Among developed nations, Canada's debt levels have been some of the highest during the coronavirus pandemic, as household debt continues to rise.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Could Canada see a four-day work week in a post-pandemic world?

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been discussing the idea of a four-day work week upon her country returning back to normal from the lockdown.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Canada Child Benefit extended to parents who didn't previously qualify

The Liberal government is adding an additional $300 dollars to the Canada Child Benefit as a way to help offset extra costs brought on by the pandemic.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

McDonald's suggests franchisees downsize, offers $40 million in aid

McDonald's Corp. estimates that tens of millions of dollars will be required in order to aid franchisees, and has warned that some may need to downsize.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Facebook to pay out $9 million for fraudulent privacy claims

The social media giant Facebook is being ordered to pay $9 million dollars by the Competition Bureau, after providing Canadians with misleading information.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

Ontario to begin slowly reopen retail stores, parks, and more

Ontario will begin lifting certain lockdown restrictions to allow the province to start a slow reopening, such as allowing retail stores to open.

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick

7 comfort foods you can order in Toronto right now

We’re giving you a rundown of comfort food you can have delivered to your home to heal your broken heart right now.

Loraine Balita-Centeno Loraine Balita-Centeno

How a small Nova Scotia lab is providing Tesla with battery research

Dalhousie University experts in Halifax, Nova Scotia are providing Tesla with top battery research and development.

Sam McGriskin Sam McGriskin

Tim Hortons receives investment from China's largest social media company, will use their software

The investment from Chinese internet giant Tencent is geared toward helping Tim Hortons upgrade its digital infrastructure.

Barrett Wilson Barrett Wilson