Saskatchewan's lockdown restrictions found to violate the Charter

"While lockdown measures were presumably imposed with the good intention of saving lives, good intentions do not meet the Charter's test of demonstrable justification," the legal analysis said.

Jonathan Bradley

Seventy-five percent of Canadians support a second lockdown if COVID-19 cases continue to rise, says poll

New polling from Ipsos suggests that most Canadians would be supportive of another widespread shut down if a second wave of the coronavirus manifested.

Collin Jones

O'Toole blasts Trudeau Liberals after being turned away at COVID test centre

O'Toole is currently showing no symptoms, though a statement from the Conservative Party said that they would be tested out of "an abundance of caution."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Ford government to limit social gatherings to 10 people for Toronto, Ottawa

According to a senior government source, gathering limits will be reduced to 10 indoors and 25 outdoors for urban areas like Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa. Businesses will not be included in these new rules.

Joe Vaughan

BREAKING: NYC schools' opening delayed once again

New York City's public schools, which were delayed from their original opening a few times, will be delayed again. The new push back will see a phased in approach to in-person learning.

Libby Emmons

Kamala Harris declares climate change a 'public health crisis'

In the areas of these three public health crises: COVID-19, racism, and climate change, discourse is being shut down.

Libby Emmons

Ontario COVID cases reach June levels, 313 new positive tests reported

With 313 new Covid diagnoses in Ontario confirmed on Monday, the province has reached its highest total since June.

Simon Marks

Toronto mayor says strip clubs should close again following another COVID-19 outbreak

Toronto Mayor John Tory said Monday that it could be a good idea to shut down adult entertainment venues again following a COVID-19 outbreak reported in a second strip club in the city.

Collin Jones

Dr. Fauci now recommends vitamins despite Facebook previously banning people who did the same

This recommendation, although helpful, raised eyebrows online after Facebook censored any recommendations of vitamins in regard to COVID-19.

Angelo Isidorou

Exiled Chinese virologist claims she has proof that COVID-19 was man made in Wuhan lab

The exiled Chinese virologist who fled to the United States to spread the truth about COVID-19 has entered the public spotlight again to expose scientific evidence proving that the coronavirus was concocted in a military Wuhan laboratory.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: Biden campaign press secretary dodges every question in Bret Baier interview

The national press secretary managed to dodge every question Baier asked in the seven-minute interview.

Collin Jones

60 percent of Canadian restaurants at risk of permanent closure due to COVID restrictions

According to a Canadian Survey on Business Conditions (CSBC) release, more than 60 per cent of Canada's restaurants risk having to close their doors for good by November.

Joe Vaughan

Woodward 'bombshell' falls flat as Fauci defends Trump

Dr. Fauci said that the president wasn't distorting anything when he spoke to the press.

Libby Emmons

Vancouver restaurant shutting down over crime, vandalism, and mayoral inaction

One business on West Hastings street is reportedly struggling to keep their businesses open due to crime and grime in the area, motivating the owner to finally shutter its doors.

Collin Jones

WATCH: Quebec may detain citizens at COVID-19 isolation facility, public health authority says

It has been reported that authorities in Quebec City, Canada, intend to isolate unruly citizens in a COVID-19 facility, though the precise location is not know

Collin Jones