Travel restrictions will cost half a million jobs this year alone: Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada just released some alarming data showing that the continued travel restrictions in place in Canada (among the strictest in the world), will cost the country approximately 550,000 jobs this year and $37B in lost productivity.

James Anthony

Unleashing Canada's economic potential with O'Toole at the helm

Better leadership and policies offer the only path to recovery for Canada's economy.

Warren Steinley

60 percent of businesses closed due to pandemic will never reopen

The study differentiates between businesses that have closed temporarily and those which are permanently shuttered, and that's where the data shows a cause for alarm.

James Anthony

Statistics Canada: GDP dropped 38.7 percent in Canada between April and June

Canada’s economy saw its steepest recorded decline in the second quarter amid the pandemic as non-essential businesses were forced to close down.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Trudeau government loses its AAA credit rating

Fitch Ratings, an American credit rating agency, just stripped Canada of its AAA rating and downgraded it to AA+.

Quinn Patrick

Trudeau says he won't audit Canada's economy because it's too unpredictable

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that government would not predict the size of Canada's deficit in 2020.

Nico Johnson

Canada will face sharp economic downturn in 2020, Alberta in worst shape

Canada is expected to face a stark economic downturn in 2020, with every single province's economy shrinking by a significant margin.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Malls are on life support due to coronavirus lockdowns

Thanks to multiple stores having to shut up shop, once thriving malls now resemble ghost towns thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

Time to open the economy or risk poverty and starvation

As we continue in idleness, the socio-economic resources we need to fight Covid-19, or any other foe, are being depleted and will soon enough be exhausted.

Herb Dunton

POILIEVRE: The imaginary unicorn 'balance sheet'

The economy is like a horse carrying big bags of debt on his back up a hill.

Pierre Poilievre

BREAKING: Trudeau uncertain about Canada's economic future as debt could reach $1 TRILLION this year

Trudeau stated that the government is "focused" on getting money to the pockets of Canadians, with seemingly no regard for the future.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Pierre Poilievre highlights major problems with Trudeau's bailouts to large corporations

Poilievre says that while large corporations are indeed hurting, the measures announced today by Trudeau could come back to harm Canadians down the road.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Subprime auto loans could be facing increasing delinquencies

The bubble of subprime auto loans could very well burst due to economic crisis. People who have this kind of loan need to proceed with caution in trying to pay it off.

Elizabeth Sarah Larkin

Key Canadian meat supplier facing NDP attacks

An Alberta meat-processing plant is at the centre of a political storm after the CBC and Rachel Notley’s NDP attacked the plant.

Nico Johnson

Ferries' decrease in ticket sales could lead to reduction in services

Marine Atlantic has seen a massive decrease in ticket sales due to the coronavirus, which may lead to a formidable financial crunch that could lead to ticket increases or a substantial reduction in services.

Collin Jones