40 editors at NYU's student newspaper quit over 'racist' advisor

The editorial staff at New York University's student newspaper is resigning after their university-appointed editorial advisor accused of "racism" was hired.

Mia Cathell

Trump to designate KKK and Antifa as terrorist groups and give $500 billion infusion into black communities

The plan intends to help to create hundreds of thousands of new black-owned businesses and millions of jobs for the black community in general.

James Anthony

New report blasts Canadian student unions and universities for anti-free speech stances

Twenty-three student unions were given at least one F this year, which almost doubled from 13 last year.

Jonathan Bradley

New study shows kids are more at risk due to restrictions than from COVID-19

Much of the public suspected that children have been rarely affected by COVID-19 directly. Lockdown has adversely affected these kids' mental, emotional, and physical well being.

Nicole Russell

Woke Princeton president complains his institution is 'racist'—turns out discrimination is illegal and now their federal funding is at risk

The US Department of Education informed the school that if it was actually discriminatory it would be in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subject to a loss of federal funding.

Angelo Isidorou

BREAKING: Trump SLAMS the revisionist history of the '1619 Project' and critical race theory

He spoke against far-leftist indoctrination and announced the 1776 Commission, which would fund patriotic education in service to America's mission of equality.

Libby Emmons

Seattle schools are teaching 7-year-olds that police are racist

In the continuing push to indoctrinate American school children into a leftist ideological world-view, Seattle public schools have begun teaching their second-graders that police are meant to be vilified.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: NYC schools' opening delayed once again

New York City's public schools, which were delayed from their original opening a few times, will be delayed again. The new push back will see a phased in approach to in-person learning.

Libby Emmons

White grad student pretending to be black apologizes and resigns from teaching position

A white graduate student has resigned from their teaching position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison after falsely claiming to be a person of colour.

Mia Cathell

Seattle school superintendent encourages student participation in mass protests

Schools superintendent Juneau appeared to praise the mass protests and violent riots, and wrote to students, "It has been a powerful experience watching you take to the streets to make your voices heard."

Ari Hoffman

Parents—it's time to speak out against critical race theory indoctrination in schools

The more parents speak out and stop being afraid to be called that most feared of contemporary American insults, racist, the more students will be liberated from the burden of critical race indoctrination.

Libby Emmons

University campus hosts whites-only cafe in the name of equality

Segregation is alive and well at the University of Michigan Dearborn, where leftists have created a cafe only for white people.

Libby Emmons

ACLU employee publicizes where Covington teen Nick Sandmann is attending college, calls him 'dangerous'

An American Civil Liberties Union staff member alerted the public to which university Covington Catholic graduate Nick Sandmann is attending as an incoming freshman, suggesting that the college should have barred the young conservative's admission.

Mia Cathell

Seattle schools' incompetent reopening fails students and parents

Parents who enrolled their children in SPS are now finally conceding that they may have to pay for private school, tutoring, learning "pods" or other options.

Ari Hoffman

Universities have fully capitulated to the radical left

The promotion of one set of ideologies while barring opposing views does not augur well for the longevity of an institution that prides itself on diversity of thought and intellectual rigour.

Collin Jones