Scotland moves to make sex-segregated prisons a thing of the past

Could it be that sex is the only dividing line which makes any sense, and that gender identity is inimical to sound policymaking?

Erin Perse

Detransitioners make the case against transing children at Can I Get a Witness Conference

Wright found a therapist willing to write her a letter diagnosing her with Gender Dysphoria in exchange for five, one-hour sessions. She would end up in a situation that could have ended her life.

Kristen Monique

British doctors advocate to do away with same-sex hospital wards

Under the new guidance, a woman wanting a female healthcare practitioner is not entitled to have that care in a female only setting as it discriminates against males.

Erin Perse

JK Rowling's new book falsely criticized as 'anti-trans'

This false claim, based on assumptions and not from reading the book, led to a backlash against not only this, but all of Rowling's books.

Angelo Isidorou

Rowling wasn't even writing about trans people and LGBTQ+ activists freaked out

The argument has never been that transwomen are a threat to women and girls, but that heterosexual, cisgender male predators will abuse gender identity-inclusive policies to pursue their goals.

Chad Felix Greene

Radical trans activists freak out over JK Rowling using a trans villain in new book

Writing under the pen name Robert Galbraith, Rowling has published Troubled Blood, a mystery novel dealing with the cold case of a missing woman that features a trans character.

Libby Emmons

California bill that could sterilize children using tax funds awaits governor's signature

If Gov. Gavin Newsom signs the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund into law, it would legislate taxpayer funding of sterilization procedures for children.

Nicole Russell

Billboard company to take down tribute to JK Rowling after one complaint of transphobia

A billboard raised in Vancouver in support of JK Rowling is slated to be taken down after Pattison, the billboard company, caved to pressure after just one complaint from a trans rights activist.

Angelo Isidorou

Railway station pulls poster supporting JK Rowling for being 'political' despite absolutely no complaints

Network Rail determined that a poster in support of a famed, UK novelist, that didn't mention trans, gender, or women's rights, was too political.

Collin Jones

Puberty blockers are not the easy fix trans-accepting parents want them to be

While medical professionals who take an oath to "do no harm" certainly have a responsibility to do due diligence before they start facilitating the whims of children, parents are more to blame.

Kristen Monique

BC father may face jail for not acknowledging child's gender transition

After all, what does a 13-year old know about how she will feel at 30? Inability to see around life's corners and a tendency to absolutism are primary traits of immaturity.

Barbara Kay

Gender identity policies in sports opposed by voters in Idaho and California

According to the poll, 79 percent of likely voters in Idaho and 74 percent of likely voters in California believe boys and men should not be allowed to identify as female in sports.

Nicole Russell

Trans person arrested multiple times at Portland Antifa riots now faces federal felony charge

A Portland-area trans person was federally charged with felony civil disorder after being arrested three times and released by local authorities at Antifa riots last month.

Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell

Outspoken BC father in transgender child case faces jail time for violating gag order

A British Columbia father of a transgender child is knowingly facing imprisonment for defying court orders and publicly warning parents of rapid onset gender dysphoria in young girls.

Mia Cathell

The 'bathroom issue' isn't about feelings it's about safety—whether the progressive left admits it or not

The school board did not arbitrarily define "biological sex," the progressive movement has just chosen when to arbitrarily recognize it.

Chad Felix Greene