Health Care

Canada's long-term care system reported to have failed elders

A highly critical report released says that Canada has failed to protect elders residing in long-term care before and during the pandemic.

Sam Edwards

CNN reports 'surprising' positive hydroxychloroquine study results after pushing negative stories about drug for months

The team reviewed every patient who was treated in Southeast Michigan's Henry Ford Health System from March 10 to May 2, of this year, and the results showed that the treatment helped.

Libby Emmons

Fauci says of coronavirus vaccine 'it will be when not if'

The top infectious disease expert for the United States government said “it will be when and not if” there is going to be a coronavirus vaccine.

Sam Edwards

DEBUNKED: Trans health care isn’t being 'rolled back' by Trump

Every few months, the media rolls out a new scary headline about LGBT rights being removed.

Blaire White

Jane Philpott appointed to lead Ontario's pandemic data effort

The Progressive Conservative government in Ontario has appointed Jane Philpott, the former federal cabinet minister, to lead the pandemic data effort.

Sam Edwards

Terminally ill Winnipeg cancer patient denied visits from family

As with many families throughout Manitoba, Francisco-Critica has been unable to see her 80-year-old father in the hospital due to coronavirus restrictions.

Collin Jones

Canada's nurses need to be heard on care concerns amplified by coronavirus

COVID-19 has left us all afraid of impending equipment and bed shortages, but we can have all the supplies we need, but without nurses, there is no care.

Amy Eileen Hamm

Ontario confirms 74 percent of coronavirus deaths are in long-term care homes

Ontario has confirmed 308 new cases of coronavirus, with 35 more deaths. Out of 1,669 total deaths, 796 of these took place in long term care homes.

Nico Johnson

Ontario Health Minister says '35 people may have passed away because their surgeries were not performed'

An estimate from a hospital network says that during the coronavirus pandemic, 35 people may have died due to cardiac surgeries that were not carried out.

Sam Edwards

Ontario has more coronavirus recoveries than active cases

As of Friday, 640 new confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported in Ontario, but the province's number of resolved cases is higher than the active ones.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: Ford tells long-term care homes 'help is on the way'

In a press conference today, the Ontario Premier Doug Ford reassured long-term care homes that the government will help their residents.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau government threw out emergency medical stockpiles and didn't replace them

Two million N95 masks and 440,000 medical gloves were thrown out by the Trudeau government after an emergency stockpile warehouse was shut down in Regina.

Sam Edwards

Ontario doctors may not be paid for telemedicine until July

Ontario doctors will not be receiving payment from the Ministry of Health for their telemedicine services during the coronavirus pandemic for several weeks.

Sam Edwards

New 'game changing' app to manage coronavirus at Jewish General Hospital

Jewish General Hospital patients and medical staff will soon be using a new app to help in the fight against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Sam Edwards

Democracies are using mass surveillance to track citizens during coronavirus outbreak

Smart watch apps and smart thermometers are being employed as voluntary measures for citizens to track their health and submit the data to government authorities.

Collin Jones