High school bans pro-police flag after activists call it 'openly racist'

A high school in Neptune Beach, Florida is banning its football team from flying the "thin blue line flag" after it received multiple complaints on social media.

Joe Vaughan

WATCH: White House Press Secretary BLASTS CNN’s Brianna Keilar for advocating for mob justice

In a Tursday press conference, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany absolutely blasted CNN personality and news anchor Brianna Keilar for being a mob justice apologist.

James Anthony

WATCH: Antifa militant tries to murder Seattle police officer with a metal bat to the head

The reporter who captured to brutal footage promptly deleted it when she was asked to do so by Antifa Twitter users who claimed she was "endangering protestors."

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Two officers confirmed shot in Louisville riots

It was reported that "officer down" was heard over a police scanner over the sound of gunshots fired.

Libby Emmons

Police knocked first before Breonna Taylor shooting incident: Kentucky AG

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron spoke to press on Wednesday, releasing the findings of two independent investigations into Breonna Taylor's death, one of which was conducted by the FBI.

James Anthony

BREAKING: One officer involved in shooting death of Breonna Taylor will face criminal charges—others not indicted

(Photo: Shelby Talcott) The findings of a grand jury inquiry into the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor by police was released today to determine if there would be criminal charges for the officers involved.

Libby Emmons

Milwaukee mayor announces dramatic INCREASE in murder—then ELIMINATES 120 police positions

Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, went on video yesterday talking about the alarming rise in violent crime within Milwaukee. In the very next sentence, he then talked about his proposal to drastically reduce police presence.

James Anthony

Florida governor vows to defund cities that try to defund the police

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back against rioters, and local authorities who are soft on them with some very tough new measures, designed to penalize anybody or any entity that participates in or enables any violent demonstration.

James Anthony

Minneapolis police to worried business owners: 'Reinforcements aren't coming any time soon'

"I think the only plan city leadership has is to further decimate its police department," said the Police Union President, Lt. Bob Kroll.

Angelo Isidorou

Officers targeted by gunfire at home with 10-day-old infant in Camden

Two officers were at home with their 10-day-old infant child when their house was hit with six rounds of bullets.

Libby Emmons

Two Arizona state police ambushed by teenager with 'assault rifle'

Two Arizona state troopers were ambushed by a teenager armed with a rifle in Phoenix, AZ. The assailants reportedly pulled up in front of them and honked right before a teenager exited the vehicle and shot at them.

Ian Miles Cheong

Seattle schools are teaching 7-year-olds that police are racist

In the continuing push to indoctrinate American school children into a leftist ideological world-view, Seattle public schools have begun teaching their second-graders that police are meant to be vilified.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: Family of Breonna Taylor reaches agreement with Louisville

A settlement between the family of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police gunfire on March 13, and the city of Louisville, Ken., has been reached, according to the family's attorney.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Consultant to LA mayor celebrates officer shootings

BLM activist and consultant on "cultural competency" to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Kevin Wharton Price called for activists to celebrate the ambush shooting of two sheriffs deputies over the weekend.

James Anthony

BREAKING: Two Los Angeles Sheriffs Deputies shot in the head in 'straight ambush'

Two police officers with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department were shot late Saturday in Compton, California. Both officers remain in critical condition.

Ian Miles Cheong