POLL: Oregon voters disapprove of Portland protests, call them 'mostly violent riots' and want more police force

A recent survey found that a majority of Oregon voters do not believe the Portland protests to be "mostly peaceful" and a plurality urge police to use greater force to quell the violence.

Mia Cathell

Poll: Most US voters favor cracking down on protests

A national survey by phone and email of people who are likely to vote shows that most voters are ready to have the police step in and stop the violent protests which continue across the US.

James Anthony

Trudeau takes a big hit in polls amid WE Charity scandal

Despite the dip in popularity, Canadians as a whole are generally satisfied with the pandemic's handling, as 74 percent of respondents remain satisfied with the federal government

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Poll: Most Canadians believe racism is a 'serious problem'—up 13 points from last year

According to a recent poll, a higher number of Canadians consider racism to be a more serious problem now than it was a year ago.

Sam Edwards

Poll: Majority of Canadian parents support masks in schools in September

A recent poll suggests that nearly two-thirds of parents believe children should be wearing masks for part of the time when they return to school.

Sam Edwards

Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau hit in the polls over WE scandal

The Liberal's significant lead in the polls is beginning to descend over the ongoing WE scandal that has rocked the government over the last two weeks.

Nico Johnson

Canadians less likely than Americans to wear masks, poll reveals

A recent poll has revealed that while Canadians tend to support their government's handling of COVID-19 more than Americans, Americans are more apt to wear masks when out of their house.

Collin Jones

POLL: 76 percent of Canadians want pause on immigration

Most Canadians want to put a hold on immigration and close borders until the threat of COVID-19 has passed and the economy recovers, according to a new poll.

Sam Edwards

New poll finds some Canadians would prefer Trump as leader over Trudeau

A recent poll shows how many Canadians would rather have U.S. President Trump over our current Prime Minister Trudeau. The poll was conducted by Leger.

Quinn Patrick

POLL: Almost two-thirds of young Americans at least partially support riots, arson

This comes after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez encouraged ‘protesters’ to bring "heat-resistant gloves."

Brad Polumbo

Half of Canadians feel their government is withholding coronavirus information

A recent survey suggests that 50 percent of Canadians feel their governments are withholding information about coronavirus.

Sam Edwards

POLL: Majority of Canadians say provinces should decide when to open up, not Trudeau government

Canadians don’t agree that the best way to reopen the economy is through province-wide measures.

Sam Edwards

Most Canadians are in favour of postponing elections due to coronavirus

Most Canadians feel that elections in the country should be pushed until COVID-19 is under control.

Sam Edwards

Most Canadians find it stressful to be in public during coronavirus

As lockdowns continue to remain in place, a new survey suggests that over half of all Canadians find it stressful to venture out in public.

Collin Jones

Poll shows Americans have more faith in Canada than they do in themselves

Among those living in the US, just over 72 percent said they trusted Canadians, compared to 70 percent who expressed trust in their fellow citizens.

Collin Jones