Trump says 'We're going to win' as long as there is no 'mischief'

During his Friday rally in Newport News, Virginia, U.S. President Donald Trump told the crowd that he has confidence that a fair presidential election will result in his victory, saying “We can’t let them cheat.”

Celine Ryan

Soros-funded Virginia county prosecutor shrinking caseload for certain domestic violence crimes

Mr. Descano has now chosen to keep his prosecutors from the courtrooms in nearly all misdemeanor cases and essentially let victims and officers fend for themselves," a source told The Post Millennial.

Mia Cathell

One wounded as US military helicopter is shot at over Virginia

A US helicopter belonging to the US Air Force 1st Helicopter Squadron was shot at as it was flying over the skies of Virginia near the nation's capital.

James Anthony

Illinois school district latest to bring segregation back to education

One idea that that is gaining ground is to determine which students get first shot at in-person learning by segregating them by race.

Libby Emmons

Christopher Columbus memorials beheaded and torn down

Protesters targeted statues of Christopher Columbus in Massachusetts and Virginia on Tuesday evening in protest of racial injustice.

Collin Jones

Rioters set home ablaze with family and child inside

A multi-family residence that was occupied and had a child inside was set on fire and rioters blocked firefighters from accessing the scene.

Sam Edwards

Disgraced freelancer falsely claims peaceful Virginia 2A rally wasn’t “peaceful”

Talia Lavin made the false claim in GQ magazine. One can see now why Lavin was forced to resign from her position as fact-checker at the New Yorker.

Ian Miles Cheong

Gun rights rally in Virginia attracts massive crowds

Tens of thousands of gun owners are rallying in Virginia, as pro-gun activists from across the country protest proposed restrictions by gun restrictions.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz