WATCH: Parents confront school board over Antifa teacher busted in sting video

It wasn't just Antifa-teacher Gipe and his methods that parents wanted to address, but the school board that allowed this teacher, and those like him who are still employed in Natomas, to flourish.

Libby Emmons Brooklyn NY

Parents who spoke out at the school board meeting for the Natomas Unified School District meeting in Sacramento, California, had one thing in common: they were angry. As the school board met, parents were called one by one to speak, and each of them wanted to talk about teacher Gabriel Gipe. Until yesterday, Gipe taught AP government at Inderkum High School.

On Wednesday, the school board of the Natomas Unified School District removed Gipe from his post at Inderkum High School. The school board said that he violated school policies against displaying political material and advocating for political outcomes, and the school board apologized to parents. "To the parents, students and other staff," they wrote, "NUSD is sorry that this reached this level of disruption."

For many parents, this was not enough, and they arrived at the school board meeting to speak their minds. It wasn't just Antifa-teacher Gipe and his methods, exposed by Project Veritas, that they wanted to address, but the school board that allowed this teacher, and those like him who are still employed in Natomas, to flourish.

Comedian Rob Schneider was one of those who tuned in to watch the livestream, and found it riveting. "I never in my life thought I would watch an entire school board meeting," he said. "This is absolutely riveting. The sleeping giant of American Common Sense and decency has been awakened."

As people got up to speak, a member of the school board asked everyone who would be speaking to wear a face mask "for my safety and my children's safety," she said.

One father spoke against the teachers unions that have facilitated teachers like Gipe. "We're gathered here today because we have teachers who've decided to become indoctrineers and not educators," he said. "And that's a challenge. One of the challenges I saw tonight was that the teachers union decided not to show up and defend this teacher."

"The question is how many other teachers and actions have the defendant in the past that have not been appropriately dealt with," he said. "I would encourage all teachers within the sound of my voice to reevaluate their membership within the Thomas, Teachers Association or the California Teachers Association. These two organizations do more to harm the education of our kids than most other organizations in the state." He asked for an investigation into this teacher, and that teachers like him be exposed as well. "We have got to give parents a chance to choose for the best of their kids' education opportunities for the future," he said.

A journalist from Project Veritas who worked on the investigation to expose the teacher also spoke at the meeting, looking to get answers from a school board that had not been forthcoming. The superintendent refused to take questions during the meeting, or after, but said they would be available at a later date.

"We've attempted to get comments from the school district," he said. "We attempted on the day of our investigation, however, we were turned away. In fact, the police were called. So I have a couple of questions. And it's simple."

"First, I think it's pretty clear that the current policies in place by the school district are not sufficient to monitor teachers' curriculum. And my question is simply, Are there going to be a change to those policies?" He asked.

"And then my follow-up question, Superintendent Evans is, obviously this investigation created results. Obviously, you acted off of our investigation. My question is, are you happy that we exposed this?"

"Unfortunately, public comment doesn't allow me, as the president shared, to exchange," the superintendent replied.

"If you're not willing to give a public comment now," the reporter from Project Veritas asked. "I understand that based upon the rules of decorum, if you'd be willing to speak with us afterwards, I think that would do a lot to alleviate some of the concerns. I've noticed you gave an interview to the Sacramento Bee. Hopefully, you'll be open to speaking with us after this. "

A woman identified as Rory Lowe took the podium to speak against extremism, saying that "I am neither far right nor far left in my political ideologies. I am very neutral in my stance." Of the video, she said "I got about midway through the video and had to pause it. It infuriated me, I was shocked that a person like Mr. Gipe was being permitted to teach the children in my community."

"I find his teaching methods to be similar to those of grooming," she said. "He is an authority figure whose life experiences and intellect far outweigh those of his students. Prior to this meeting, I had heard at least one of his students come to his defense, arguing that he is an intelligent, kind, helpful person and does not and does give two sides to his lectures. I have no doubt that some of his students do in fact feel this way. As far as I can tell from his video, Mr. Gipe is a predator of sorts. Predators, predators often possess all of these qualities. It is how they gain trust."

"When a child trusts the person in front of them," she continued, "manipulating that child becomes that much easier. Shaming students who do not subscribe to his radical views seems acceptable to him in his environment. But let's be clear, it is not. It is not acceptable to ridicule, name call or disregard a student, their parents or any of the religious beliefs that may drive their actions or beliefs simply because they do not coincide with his this man is a danger to the minds of these children. And I ask that the district revisit their vetting process for future hires."

Reporter Brittany Johnson of KCRA News sought answers from the board, asking if the school board would be available to speak to the press. When they declined to meet with press after the meeting, Johnson asked her questions directly.

"Tonight, I'm asking because we've been trying to get comments," she said. "We've been calling the offices we've been emailing. So I'll just ask my questions. Just two that I have right now here have any prior complaints been made against Gabriel Gipe? And have they been reported to Inderkum high school? If so, what were those complaints? When did they happen and what actions were taken by the school? And if no actions were taken? Why weren't they taken? And then another question. The teacher in question, Gabriel Gipe, stated that other teachers do share his beliefs. Has the board taken steps to identify any of those teachers who may have been sharing their opinions in the classrooms? And if so, what actions are being taken? Will anyone be available after to answer those questions? Thank you for your time."

A man who live streamed the event took the podium, saying that there were other teachers like Gabriel Gipe. "In his own video, he said there's other teachers at this district, at that school that share his same beliefs and teach in the same way he does," he said. "I also want to turn this around and get a little people mad at me. It is your guys' fault, but it's also the parents' fault. When Common Core came out, we let you slide. When all the sexual ed came out, we let you slide. I don't think there's time for any more. And for all these people to be shocked somehow that Antifa is new or hasn't been around."

"You've had a bunch of proud patriots standing in the front line against these commie bastards for quite a long time," he continued. "And you've allowed the fake news to destroy them, instead of destroying the communists. It's all part of a bigger plan, you guys should be held responsible."

"I challenge the community right now," he said. "If I come back in six weeks, I want to see just as many people here until they actually fix this and maybe you people on this board are the wrong people to be here. But again, there's been people fighting this for quite a long time. And they've been the ones that've been the bad guy. It's time to change this. I tell everybody that's in this thing. It's time to come back and take America back."

As he left the podium, parents and the crowd chanted "USA."

A mom stood with her daughter behind her. She said that her job, as her parent, "is to protect her from anybody that has ill will towards her." She said the school is "world-renowned and everybody knows this." Her daughter, she said, was influenced by Gipe.

"I am very articulate, My children are very well-read. They speak their opinion," she said. "They make sure that they are clear in what they do and do not like and the fact that my 17-year-old daughter had to come to me and say, 'Mom, you don't understand.' He's—Let me explain: This means that in two weeks, in 13 days, he was allowed to change my daughter's mind about some fascist crap that y'all have let into school."

"I'm from Texas," she said. "This does not go on in Texas. There are two grades higher than California period. So to think that my very sound-minded daughter would go against me and my wishes and our values in our home to be able to go and support this man, and he is putting her in harm's way. What the hell are y'all doing? I'm tired. How long does it have to go on? Before somebody says something? How long? How long? What are you going to do? That's the question. Get him out of here. We don't f*cking care about this boy. He got to go."

A student took the podium. He identified himself as Bobby, a sophomore at Inderkum High School, saying that Gipe had issues with him and he'd "never even met the guy."

"Here I am under all of your instruction. I was called, last year when I started freshman year from your under the lockdown, 'politically illiterate' and all of my beliefs, 'politically illiterate' Gipe, a teacher I didn't even have. I didn't even know the guy. I was called 'politically illiterate' for comparing his system, and this entire system of the lockdown and all of that, socialism, 'politically illiterate'. Now, I have to say, I had a teacher before all of this, eighth grade, right before the lockdown happened. Mr. Fernandez, he escaped communist Cuba, moved to Russia, then that when communist and we went to the Soviet state. Socialism takes your health care first, they own your body," he said to cheers from the crowd.

"Second, they take your education, they own your mind, this needs to change. Change! I don't know what else to say. But you all need to rethink all of this. And it needs change. I was in a class. I'm Jewish. I was in a class and there was a free Palestine sign next to a Planned Parenthood sign, next to flags of the LGBTQ and women's rights. Do you not see the irony? The contradiction that's being taught? They were telling us we must identify with history. Personally, I need to personally identify with Hitler to know what he did wrong?" He shook his head, no.

His mother spoke directly after him, with immense pride, and told the experience of Bobby's history class where students were given "identity tests," and when he and his parents complained that it had nothing to do with a history class, he was moved out of the class. She questioned why students were given endless worksheets, and not books, for study.

The school board said they would take a recess, as parents booed and objected. Only they didn't come back.

Civil rights attorney Harmeet Dhillon said, "I hope for parents' sake that the @NatomasUSD school district has insurance, because I see lawsuits coming for the abuse of children in Gabriel Gipe's class, and possibly more."

The school board issued a letter on Gipe's termination on Wednesday that read: "Yesterday, a group released an undercover video that has been covered extensively. In this video, a teacher at Inderkum High School was recorded sharing his educational approach that is disturbing and undermines the public's trust."

The wrote that: "As of today, this teacher was placed on paid leave because of his actions and choices in the classroom. Natomas Unified will be taking the legally required next steps to place the teacher on unpaid leave and fire the teacher."

As to the materials in Gipe's classroom, they said "Additionally, the teacher, using his own money, purchased a series of rubber stamps. These stamps include an inappropriate image of Josef Stalin with an insensitive phrase, as well as other stamps with Fidel Castro, Kim Jung Un, and others." Gipe had used these stamps to mark work as complete.

On Tuesday, Project Veritas released a video showing Gipe's classroom, which had an Antifa flag on display, and revealed that he was working to politically indoctrinate students, and saying outright that his goal is to turn his students into "revolutionaries." Gipe would give extra credit to students who partake in activist activities.

"I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries … Scare the f*ck out of them," Gipe told Project Veritas' undercover reporter.

"I post a calendar every week … I've had students show up for protests, community events, tabling, food distribution, all sorts of things … When they go, they take pictures, write up a reflection—that's their extra credit," Gipe said.

He told the reporter he tracks students' political perspectives, and watches them move further and further to the left. "So, they take an ideology quiz and I put [the results] on the [classroom] wall. Every year, they get further and further left … I'm like, 'These ideologies are considered extreme, right? Extreme times breed extreme ideologies.' Right? There is a reason why Generation Z, these kids, are becoming further and further left," said Gipe.


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