Six ways Justin Trudeau will try to deceive voters on the border crisis during the 2019 election

Six ways Justin Trudeau will try to deceive voters on the border crisis during the 2019 election

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa Montreal QC

Before heading into another election I thought it would be a public service to point out our prime minister’s manipulative tendencies when it comes to the refugee crisis.

With the help of Toronto immigration lawyer Sergio Karas from Karas Immigration Law, I was able to arrive at the following six tactics.

Take this as a warning and use this as a guide to know that the government is deceiving you.

Despite the fact that illegal crossings are taking place on a daily basis, the federal government has failed to curb the influx of illegal immigrants. Instead, the Liberals have devoted taxpayer funds to expedite the crossing process, including building temporary shelters and making it easier for people to cross into Canada and handing out hush money to residents most affected by the crisis.

Most Canadians believe there is, in fact, a crisis.

"This is going to be a big issue in the election, the reason is because the public has lost confidence in the immigration system. That’s not good. It’s never good, when the public loses confidence in the government," said Sergio Karas.

You just have to look to Toronto to be able to tell that it's a crisis. The local and provincial governments are at at their wit's end trying to accommodate the influx of refugees, and the homeless shelters are overflowing.

Despite all that, the federal government is ignoring the opinion of the average Canadian unless it’s to their benefit. You would think that with an election around the corner, Justin Trudeau would consider it wise to be honest with Canadians and provide them with a solution. Except that will be the last thing he will do.

"They’re going to try to bury the issue as much as possible and obviously the Cons will bring it up. They are going to start to claim that the inflow is going down, which is not true, and also they’re going to start to claim that they’re taking measures to reduce the backlog," said Karas.

The Liberals think they have the cat in the bag. The media has been promising them that they’ll win the election and it’s gotten to their heads.

1) The Liberals will keep it out of the news

Justin Trudeau will try to make the election about something else and the mainstream media will be sure to assist him.

They’ll say it’s about the carbon tax. They’ll avoid talking about immigration and shame any politician who decides to bring it up.

It’s a “high-risk, low-reward” election issue, claims the CBC.

"They’re going to plant articles in the media saying that the flow at the border has been greatly reduced. People are missing the point here, the regular flow at the border is just half of the total refugee claims because a lot of refugee claims are being made at regular points of entry. People are flying in with passports, people are coming in with visitors visas and making inland claims. The border flow is just half the story," said immigration lawyer, Sergio Karas.

"The issue seems to have disappeared from the front pages. The danger is that when a trend is established, say that people are crossing the border regularly, it will be in the news for a while only and after a while it becomes routine and the media loses interest but also, not only that, the trend becomes established and it becomes acceptable. This is the way you enter Canada."

Better to just leave it alone then.

2) Trudeau will blame it on somebody else

Instead of taking responsibility for his direct culpability in the border crisis, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will try to push the blame onto the last administration.

He’ll say Harper is at fault. He couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong. The Liberals have only been dealing with what they were handed.

Before the Liberals came into power Canada had an internationally renowned immigration system. It was a system that worked. What do we have now?

We have an open border and a divided country.

3) He’ll conflate immigration with asylum

Another tactic of the Liberals will be to distract Canadians by pointing to their successes in the immigration system. They’ll say they reduced the wait times in immigration streams like the spousal sponsorship program. They’ll say that the immigration system was a mess before they arrived.

Don’t be fooled -- this is an attempt to distract from the real problem. Immigration is only half of the story. Immigration and refugee processing are handled by separate entities.

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is happy to wax his minor trophies in immigration before addressing the elephant in the room, which is the asylum and deportation backlog.

Behind closed doors, the cabinet is scrambling to attempt to patch up the mess they have created.

"They need to process these claims and under the current system it’s just impossible. Even if they hire 500 members of the board, you can just imagine, one member can process a claim a day, or let's say 150 claims a year," said Karas.

"Some claims are complicated -- they take a number of sittings just to process. So it’s just impossible for a member to process more than a normal rate. How many members do you need to process 50k-65k claims?"

Without changes to improve efficiency and productivity of the asylum  process, wait times and backlogs will only continue to grow. This situation is not sustainable," said Hussen in a leaked memo.

4) Trudeau will claim it's beneficial for the economy

The oldest argument in the book in support of Justin Trudeau’s disastrous open border approach is that it will help with our economy.

It’ll benefit you in the long run, don’t be so ignorant.

Illegals only want jobs, you can’t deny them that.

Is it really so beneficial when the very refugees we’ve allowed into the country are now suing our federal government for tens of millions of dollars? Or when economists are predicting that our economy is headed for the dumps and tough times are ahead?

Unsurprisingly it’s dust off Justin Trudeau’s shoulder, who will happily step out of his prime minister costume as soon as his act is over, while our children and our children’s children will have to pay for his mistakes.

5) He’ll call his critics racist

The best tactic to confound the public is to start vilifying your opponents. It puts your enemies on the defensive and gives you the upper hand.

The Trudeau Liberals have resorted to the name-calling tactics better suited for an elementary playground.

He's called the opposition "ambulance chasers", while his immigration minister has called his opponents "not Canadian".

"They’re going to have to do something in order to keep this out of the news, until after the election which will be very hard considering the Conservatives would hone in," said Sergio Karas, "And this issue would play very well in certain parts of Quebec.  Given the importance of this issue during the electoral campaign especially in certain areas of Quebec where a lot of Liberal seats are at risk."

All the while our prime minister has the audacity to point to his opponents as the aggressive and demeaning party.

6) He’ll consult the “experts”

Usually these experts are global financiers with an invested interest in refugee operations, open border academics, non-profit asylum lawyers or bought-and-paid for journalists.

It’s the illusion of opinion, it’s the farce of expertise.

The federal government takes cues from organizations like The Century Initiative, a group of financial moguls hellbent on surging Canada’s population to 100 million through whatever means possible by 2100.

They’ll be experts like Dominic Barton, a financial consultant who has spent a decade living in Asia and has a main residence in London, U.K.

Throughout the election Justin Trudeau will point to all kinds of experts to justify his claims, while ignoring the opinions of Canadians the whole time.


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