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WATCH: Democrats are downplaying the border crisis for political gain, say Dana Loesch and Dave Rubin

"People who want to get by the mask mandate and any kind of mandatory injections from the government, just go down to the southern border in Texas and then come back in and then you'll be totally fine."

WATCH: Democrats are downplaying the border crisis for political gain, say Dana Loesch and Dave Rubin
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On the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News Thursday night, guest host Judge Jeanine Pirro spoke to Dana Loesch and Dave Rubin about the hypocrisy of the Biden administration and the downplaying of the border crisis by the Democrats and the media.

Pirro asked Loesch about whistleblowers who recently revealed that the Biden administration has been trying to cover up the horrible conditions in the migrant centers near the US-Mexico border, including COVID outbreaks.

Loesch explained what happened. "Two whistleblowers, who are government employees are civil servants. They were asked to essentially lie on behalf of the administration concerning the infection rates of people who are illegally entering at the Southern border. These migrant children were taken to Fort Bliss. And then from there, we've even had a problem here in Republican Texas, with these same individuals who you don't know if they've been tested, you don't know their infection rates."

Loesch continued, "What these two government workers were saying is that, yeah, the infection rate is way worse than what's being reported in the media. And in fact, when they were coming to the end of their time working with these kids at these facilities, they were asked to basically sign off on it, painting like kittens and sunshine, a happy little picture of what was really happening there."

"Infection rates were out of control, people were getting sick and it definitely was not at all being managed. So government and, and judge, it angers me so much because the government right now is trying to cast dispersions on the characters of millions of Americans who are vaccine hesitant, due to a lack of transparency and an absolutely disastrous messaging from this government where it concerns the rollout of this vaccine."

"And now you have government employees coming forward saying that the government was trying to make them lie to the public about what was really happening with infection rates. This is... pretend care theater from the administration. If this administration really cared about getting the Delta variant under control Judge, they'd be at the border, or they'd be shutting us down."

Pirro pivoted to Rubin, saying "We knew from the beginning, Biden didn't want anyone to see what was going on in these crowded rooms, that we had 10 times as many people in them as they should have had. So I don't know how surprised we should be with this, but at the same time you would think the government would be concerned because border patrol is getting sick. Border patrol is taking it home to their families. Everyone is working for the government. People, busing them, flying them, non-government and they're infecting everyone. Does the government not care?"

Rubin replied, "No, the government doesn't care because the government knows that you can get away with this with its allies in the mainstream media, that this will only really be covered on Fox or on a couple of podcasts and YouTube channels like mine, and that really is it."

"So, remember we cared about kids in cages when it was Donald Trump who was president," Rubin said. "Then when we saw kids in cages, suddenly they weren't cages. And even though they were… at some points 10 times overcrowded. And there was obviously no social distancing and people weren't wearing masks. And just in the last few days, we suddenly see all of these people pouring in through the southern border. And they're not just from Mexico, by the way. Many of them are telling reporters that they're from Haiti and from all over the place, walking in without masks, not socially distancing and everything else."

"There is no lie at this point that is too big for the administration, for the Democrats, or the mainstream media, they will keep lying to us. They will keep gaslighting us. Whatever it is, whether it's COVID, whether it's the border, whether it's anything from Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist to the Covington kids are racist or Jessie Smolett was lynched, whatever it is, they will lie and they will just keep doing well."

Pirro turned back to Loesch, "Dana right now, you've got governor Abbott saying that he's going to use the National Guard to assist in mitigating risk, but I'm not so sure he's got jurisdiction over what to make an arrest for."

Loesch replied, "Well, at the very least, he should be able to direct law enforcement in Texas to not be loading people that are infected with coronavirus or the delta variant onto buses or planes, et cetera...I mean, for crying out loud at Merrick Garland, and just came out today saying, he's really standing against Abbott's decision to do this. He says, it's dangerous and it's unlawful for Abbott to do this. So it's official that the Biden administration, they're only pretending to care once again about the spread of this variant, because they have no problem with people coming in at the southern border."

"So I guess the, the rule is this judge, people who want to get by the mask mandate and any kind of mandatory injections from the government, just go down to the southern border in Texas and then come back in and then you'll be totally fine."

Pirro agreed and remarked to Rubin, "The fact that non-government agencies or organizations like Catholic charities are then sending these people into hotels, and then they end up going to a restaurant and infect everyone at the restaurant. I mean, this is, this is a dereliction of duty at the very least, and we can't stop it."

Rubin responded, "Of course it is. It's an absolute dereliction of duty, but we're just watching our trusted class in America, completely collapse. Fauci says one thing one day, then the next day he says something completely opposite. And then we watch a media that fuels it. And there is so little trust in our institutions that I don't know how we get past this."

"And if you want to know if this is really sort of a made up problem or not, there's an awful lot of people that would love to get out of Canada right now, which has been an endless draconian lockdowns. Are we just letting people walk in from Canada? I don't think so. So why are we letting them walk in from our southern border? Has anyone talked about that?"

Pirro responded, "Yeah, it could be because they'll vote Democrat."

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