WATCH: Tucker Carlson slams Biden for spreading 'misinformation'

"The various shots that people are getting now cover that. You're okay," Biden said. "You're not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations." This is a provably false statement.


Tucker Carlson slammed President Joe Biden for spreading misinformation during his disastrous town hall on CNN Wednesday night. During that CNN debacle, Biden was asked about vaccine efficacy, and in response, he said "The various shots that people are getting now cover that. You're okay,"  Biden said. "You're not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations." This is a provably false statement, uttered by the president after his administration has gone on a crusade against "misinformation."

"There's been a dramatic escalation recently we need to tell you about in the Biden administration’s longest and hardest fought war," Carlson told viewers. "That'd be the war against what they're calling 'misinformation.' Almost daily, Joe Biden's battle-hardened flack mounts the podium at the White House with updates on the conflict's progress."

"Last week, Biden's spokesperson informed the press corps that the campaign against misinformation has encountered serious and unexpected setbacks. Misinformation won a series of bloody skirmishes on cable news and in social media, thousands of Americans died, but the commander in chief is not bound by this. He's not giving up. Indeed, Joe Biden has just begun to fight."

"Going forward, the first amendment will be suspended until further notice. And if misinformation appears on your Facebook page or in your Twitter feed, or even in your private text messages, Joe Biden will summarily execute misinformation. He will hunt it down and kill it himself."

"This is total war. All of us are gonna have to make sacrifices in this war. The question is, what is the enemy look like? To this point, no one in authority has provided a clear description of misinformation. The White house still has not defined what it is or what it looks like. Like extremism and white supremacy, misinformation is an elastic and mysterious term. Like the Vietcong, it appears out of nowhere from the night itself to take our lives. We hate misinformation with all of our hearts, but we can't really describe it. Not that we need to really."

"In the federal agencies in Washington, there is a working definition for misinformation. It's any criticism of the Joe Biden administration or its policies. That's what we're fighting against."

"Like all patriotic media in wartime. The cable news network is fully on board with this effort. Late last night, CNN posted a video to its website. It was from something called a Presidential Town Hall, right on the front of this war. The caption on the video reads this way, 'the President tackles vaccine misinformation.' And tackle it, he did."

Carlson played a bizarre clip in which Biden was asked about the potentials for FDA approvals for vaccines to be administered to children under 12. He said:

"Just like the other question, that's the logical, and I've heard you speak about it because you all, I'm not being solicitous, but you're always straight up about what you're doing. And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where are why can't the the the experts say we know that this virus is in fact it's going to be or excuse we we we know why the all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved and but permanently approved, that's underway too, I expect that to occur quickly."

Moderator Don Lemon them jumped in to say, "Well, that may mean, you mean for the FDA."

To which Biden agreed, "for the FDA."

"Yeah, 'experts say,'" Carlson commented. "Well, you could imagine the chaos behind the scenes during that pivotal moment, you can hear the panicked producer in the control room, shouting in 'Don Lamont's' ear, 'the red Fox trots quietly at midnight!' Code words, in other words, 'abort, abort, the situation is well past critical!' And within seconds, seconds and move very slowly.

"Don Lemon," Carlson joked, "remembered the safe words he had memorized in rehearsal. 'You mean for the FDA?' And then a hushed silence descended in the control room at CNN. Beads of sweat dropped from Jeff Zucker's forehead onto the stack of pop tarts he'd been cradling in his lap. The milliseconds felt like hours. And then suddenly out of nowhere, Joe Biden regained consciousness. 'Yes. The FDA.' he responded. He got the message. All was well, cue the commercial break, crisis averted."

"There are a lot of them," Carlson said. "Last night you could tell 'Donna Ron' was very close, time after time, to asking about the FDA. But, time and time again, he held off, he had to, the audience might've noticed something was up."

So CNN's producers had no choice, but to let the Commander-in-Chief keep talking as he did in this moment, as Joe Biden began to muse about black people and their love of basketball."

Carlson then played another clip of the President in which Biden said, "...and what we did when the original bill got passed. He would go down and the tough neighborhoods in my, in my state and my city of Wilmington, which is overwhelming minority city. And he'd go where the bet you, everybody can tell me where the best basketball is played in a playground here in this city. You know where it is, you know who the best ballplayers are, you know, where they are."

Tucker continued, "They know where they are. 'Corn Pop' knows, Corn Pop knows who could hit the free throws. Corn Pop loves basketball. Of course he does. You kept waiting for Joe Biden to ask Don Lemon if he knows Corn Pop, but he didn't need to, cause of course he knows Corn Pop, all the basketball lovers know each other, please."

"It was pretty compelling television. Unfortunately, those, those clips did not get as much closer to our goal, which was to understand what the Biden administration means by the term 'misinformation.'"

"But then we came across this clip, we kept watching and we understood. Here's Joe Biden describing the benefits of vaccination."

Biden said, "The various shots that people are getting now cover that they're there. You're okay. You're not gonna, you're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations."

Tucker exclaimed, "Oh, finally, a definition! He doesn't tell us, he shows us, he leads by example. That's what misinformation looks like. ' You're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,' said the President of the United States, but you know, that's not true.

"How did all those vaccinated, Texas Democrats come down with COVID? Why was Kamala Harris rush to Walter Reed Medical Center after she met with them if vaccinated people can't get COVID? And where are the pharmaceutical companies themselves telling us it is in fact possible to get COVID after you've been vaccinated. So why would Joe Biden tell us the exact opposite?"

"Now, you know why he's showing us what misinformation is," Carlson said. "Like a good leader, he's modeling, as they say, and then he kept it up. He kept showing us. Here, for example, is a question from a restaurant owner who was in the audience last night. He asked what the government was going to do to save small businesses, and it's a pressing question for him and millions. In just the past six weeks, the Biden administration has sent out billions in checks, and those checks encourage able-bodied adults to stay at home and not working and also caused inflation to spike, both of those are a disaster for small business. Listen carefully as Joe Biden explains why he's doing this."

A business owner in the crowd of the town hall asked Biden, "...we're looking at to hire more every day as we try to restart our restaurant business. The entire industry amongst other industries continue to struggle to find employees. How do you and the Biden administration plan to incentivize those that haven't returned to work yet? Hiring is our top priority right now."

Biden answered, "Well, two things. One, if you notice we kept them open. I think it really is a matter of people deciding now that they have opportunities to do other things. And there is a shortage of employees. People are looking to make more money and, and to bargain. And so, I think your business and the tourist business is really going to be in a bind for a little while."

Tucker replied, "Oh, okay. Just so you understand. It wasn't the government that closed small businesses last year, including thousands of restaurants. No, says Joe Biden. If you noticed, we kept them open."

"Oh, it's the opposite of what you thought. You thought governors democratic governors were shutting down restaurants. No, no, no. We kept them open," Carlson said sarcastically.

"The entire town hall was like that. It was misinformation on parade. At one point, Joe Biden referred to laws against voter fraud like the ones where you need to show your ID to vote as quote 'Jim Crow on steroids.' What does that mean? More segregated, water fountains, movie houses, restaurants, bigger fire hoses. It's on steroids, but no one has asked him, the crowd just applauded."

"Later, Joe Biden explained, and this was news to criminologists across the world, that the real reason crime rates, murder rates are up in our cities isn't that parents aren't supervising their kids on the street. It isn't that lunatics are shooting each other over tennis shoes or other disputes. No one can even remember. It's not that the moral fabric of the country is collapsing in on itself. It has nothing to do with the fact that Democrats let violent criminals out of jail using the pretext of COVID or the prosecutors funded by George Soros, or refusing to put anyone back into jail. No, it  has nothing to do with any of that. You know, what's causing all the murders? It's the gun stores. The gun stores are causing all the murders."

"So why are they telling you this? Well, clearly they want more power, but more than that, they want to show you what misinformation is for misinformation is a lie that makes the person who tells it more powerful."


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