Antifa leader encourages lawlessness, violence during coronavirus panic

While others urge civility, communist author and Antifa leader Wendy Trevino called for followers to disregard the law and engage in shoplifting.
Ian Miles Cheong Montreal, QC

As the world hunkers down in preparation for the coronavirus pandemic, some social arsonists are taking the opportunity to encourage not social distancing, but social breakdown.

Communist author and Antifa leader Wendy Trevino called on her followers to disregard the law and engage in criminality by shoplifting. It’s an act that would not only damage local groceries and retailers but place a dangerous strain on the supply lines that provide countless Americans with food and lifesaving medication.

First highlighted by The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo, Trevino wrote: “if you see ppl shoplifting right now, have their fucking back.”

“not just don’t snitch! have their back!” she added.

Trevino is an author published by Commune Editions, a communist poetry imprint of AK Press, a pro-antifa publishing house that has published pro-anarchist works like Full Spectrum Resistance, and  Andrew Marantz’s Anti-Social: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of American Conversation, a book touted by leftist journalists that calls for a return to media gatekeeping and the suppression of free speech online.

Despite significant pushback, the tweet went viral with over 18 thousand retweets and 110 thousand likes, receiving widespread support from some likeminded social arsonists.

Small business owners are already having a rough time with the coronavirus as workers susceptible to illness are increasingly put at risk of contracting the deadly illness that continues to sweep the globe. In response, President Trump has promised tax relief for small businesses, employees, and contractors to blunt the economic impact of the disease.

Officially, over 6,400 people have died from the China-borne COVID-19 coronavirus since the outbreak in January. Following its disastrous impact on Wuhan, its place of origin, infections continue to rise across the North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Society teeters on the brink of a cascading systems failure, and characters like Wendy Trevino are more than eager to nudge the tipping point towards disaster.

Ian Miles Cheong
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