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AC Gleason

AC Gleason is an educator podcaster and writer from a conservative perspective. His degrees are from Biola University.


Police fine people $1,000 for sitting in their cars watching sunset

For committing the crime of sitting in their cars, citizens were fined $1,000. Police are exacting this price during the worst job crisis America has ever faced.

AC Gleason / Apr 7, 2020

#unrestricted, Opinion, Lifestyle

The 5 best games to play while self-isolating with family

The coronavirus has reduced us to spending time with our families. So instead letting old resentments simmer maybe we should try to get to know each other a little bit better.

AC Gleason / Apr 4, 2020

Culture, Lifestyle

Drive-in movies make a comeback as coronavirus kills the cineplex

The cineplex may be irreversibly dead, but the drive-in with its retro charm and fresh air may have found a way back into our hearts.

AC Gleason / Mar 31, 2020


California without the bustle is even weirder than usual

California is a weird and wonderful place. But it’s changed significantly since the coronavirus started dictating all of our public policy.

AC Gleason / Mar 22, 2020


Sanders’ campaign may be over but his ideology hasn’t been defeated

There’s a long tradition of failed presidential hopefuls winning the ideological presidency about a decade and a half after they crash and burn. Sanders will be one of these.

AC Gleason / Mar 20, 2020

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