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Alexander Ruiz

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Opinion, Culture

How New York City became America's biggest ghost town in the fight against coronavirus

The beauty of the human condition is that we dream big, as we know no boundaries. Yes, we all want to be king or queen of the hill, top of the heap, and what better settlement to give it a go than here in New York City.

Alexander Ruiz / May 10, 2020


Drive-thru funerals and UBI: Spain provides glimpse of what could be next for America

The United States now leads the world with confirmed COVID-19 cases at 337,933 cases and follows Spain for a close third nearing 10,000 deaths.

Alexander Ruiz / Apr 6, 2020


Can conservatism survive coronavirus? Ask Donald Trump

"Remember, when President Trump said, 'We will never be a socialist country?' Well, we may be. And it could be Donald Trump who paved the way for it."

Alexander Ruiz / Mar 24, 2020

Opinion, American News

If coronavirus cancels Trump rallies, the left will win the presidency

According to Pew Research, nearly 60 percent of Trump voters are 50 years or older, perhaps giving pause to those organizing these rallies with the inherent risk taken by those in attendance.

Alexander Ruiz / Mar 10, 2020

Opinion, American News

Why are Republicans happier than Democrats? The answer is obvious

According to Gallup, for nearly almost 20 years, Democrats have regularly ranked substantially lower than Republicans in their pride for America.

Alexander Ruiz / Mar 5, 2020

Opinion, News, American News

The Democrats will lose in 2020. This is why.

Believe it or not, there are actually two billionaires competing for the “working” party’s nomination to fight against poverty and the unequal distribution of wealth. Think about that.

Alexander Ruiz / Feb 22, 2020

Opinion, Culture, Politics & Policy

Will censorship get worse when Donald Trump is re-elected?

If the right doesn’t take action on censorship in fear of advancing the tentacles of big government, then the Trump phenomenon will fade.

Alexander Ruiz / Feb 19, 2020

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