Why are Republicans happier than Democrats? The answer is obvious

According to Gallup, for nearly almost 20 years, Democrats have regularly ranked substantially lower than Republicans in their pride for America.

Alexander Ruiz New York New York

Every presidential cycle, we hear the same old cliché claim: “This is the most important election of our lifetime.” Let’s take a break from the political bludgeoning on which candidate is best, and let’s look at the American polis through a different lens.

Ever since the first survey in 1972 measuring the partisan happiness gap, Republicans have been found to be generally happier people, while Democrats routinely score on the lower side of the scale. The study found that Republicans are likely to have more friends, better health, and more likely to be married. Interestingly, Republicans like their communities better than Democrats, and they’re more likely to feel that individuals control their successes and failures, rather than outside forces determining their outcomes.

No one likes an awkward moment, but it’s time for a political intervention for our Democrat neighbours – and if not, the political violence and rapid descent into radicalism will deepen the rift between the left and right.

Intervention can be used to help a person through a difficult time in their life who may be dealing with an addiction. In this case, the liberal is a political addict, a slave to the church of liberalism. Interestingly, as institutions of higher learning are producing soft-minded lemmings that do not possess any marketable skills, the United States has become increasingly less religious and rapidly hyper-polarized.

These college-educated adults meander through life, attempting to find meaning with little exposure to the real world or with people that challenge their worldview. Is it really a surprise that they resort to protesting, chanting slogans in unison, and behaving no differently than herded sheep? It is clear, they seek security in the collective because they are incapable of facing the harsh reality of life independently.

The cradle of the left serves as a security blanket for their weakly cobbled coalitions of victims and the oppressed, lashing out when elections are lost Democratically. Believe it or not, liberal adults hosted crying parties on Trump’s electoral anniversary. If they weren’t so unstable and intolerant of political diversity, I’d feel sorry for them.

Consequently, their political beliefs have manifested into an unrelenting faith and cult-like behaviour. Their political allegiance has become the sole meaning in life, yielding a puritanical behaviour unlike their conservative counterparts, who for the most part, have jettisoned these rather unpleasant features. Oddly, as one party sheds their puritanism, the other dawns the coat of zealotry.

Not to mention, the left has quickly lost any remnants of a sense of humour, submerging us into a cancel culture with no place to vent, breathe or be real. If this continues, we’ll be subjected to the tyranny of the mob, fearful of authenticity, and rendering us indistinguishable between man and machine.

Liberals can protest in the streets chanting “down with the patriarchy,” yelling “white males are the root of all evil,” while destroying businesses, when conservatives speak at universities. While disregarding the irony in censoring controversial speakers at institutions of higher learning, liberals are given carte-blanche in their destructive behaviour, no different than a lazy parent who caves to the tantrum of their children. And so, these children are rewarded for their trained activism and obedience with a flattering interview after a window breaking Antifa escapade, as they sip their soy-based lattes.

The lefts violence toward their counterparts is a clear indication of how politics is consuming the individual, driving the collective head-on into the black hole of radicalism where nothing but the “party” matters.

A liberal protesting or loudly displaying their political activism is considered a patriot exercising their civic responsibility; however, a conservative wearing a MAGA hat in any liberal bastion would have to be a masochist. Why? He or she would be ridiculed and likely attacked within a block of their residence for wearing a hat that causes “emotional violence.”

This rhetoric is an example of the left using terms as political blunt weapons to intimidate Republicans into submission and groupthink. Ask yourself, is this how civil society should be? This political addiction has manifested itself into aggression towards fellow citizens.

Is it really surprising that Republicans are happier than their counterparts? These leftwing political sadists gain satisfaction correcting people’s pronouns, calling out (un)woke behaviour, or forcing nonbelievers to learn words that are non-existent in any dictionary.

Interestingly, this sounds like someone who is not only a political substance abuser, but someone who abuses their fellow comrades and Republican counterparts.

If you’re not convinced that the unbending obsession with politics for the left is disrupting civil society, personal relationships, and their own happiness, then why is it that Democrats are three times more likely to unfriend people on social media due to their political beliefs? The left is willing and compelled to destroy relationships to cut off people who think differently. They justify not only the violence, but the denial of service to MAGA supporters, and the public ridicule of those who think differently—only if they’re Republicans.

All of this is eerily similar to how the segregationist Democrats treated people who looked differently, demanding separate restaurants, schools, and exclusive communities to raise their families. And yes, they justified it back then.

According to Gallup, for nearly almost 20 years, Democrats have regularly ranked substantially lower than Republicans in their pride for America. The mania over party politics is so powerful and addictive to the left that the percentage of Democrats having pride in their country never surpassed Republicans and sharply dropped under this Republican president, Donald Trump.

Just as the left demands centralized and intrusive government, the trend suggests that the political philosophy for the left is so invasive and omnipotent that deviation is disallowed. Nothing else matters except the dogmatic submission to a vindictive and pessimistic political outlook that seeks to redistribute everything, even misery.

Furthermore, Republicans were more patriotic of their country compared to Democrats when Barack Obama was president, highlighting how party politics is the left’s centre of gravity in life. And believe me, although I wasn’t the biggest fan of Obama, I still loved my country. The party isn’t the be-all and end-all, other things do matter in life.

The sad thing is that I’m more than willing to share a table or maintain relationships with those who think differently than me. No matter left or right, I will always love my country, and I do not allow party politics to impact my patriotism or my relationships. The left does not, and if you still don’t believe me, I encourage a liberal to walk the streets with a MAGA hat for the day.

Maybe your fellow liberals will slap some sense into you.


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