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Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo is the Editor-at-large for The Post Millennial

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Little Rock child-sex crimes suspect revealed to be trans nonbinary activist

An Arkansas child-sex crimes suspect charged with 20 felonies is revealed to be a trans nonbinary activist.

Andy Ngo / Feb 22, 2024

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Oregon drag queen arrested over child sex crimes at home salon

Griffin’s recent arrest is not his first run-in with the law. In 2002, he was charged with third-degree sexual abuse.

Andy Ngo / Feb 6, 2024


ANDY NGO REPORTS: 'Hamas tunnels' revealed in secret exhibit beneath London streets

A secret exhibit in London recreates the Hamas hostage experience.

Andy Ngo / Jan 23, 2024

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Chicago makeup artist behind false viral claims that McDonald’s blue wrapper paper is Israeli propaganda

A video that keeps going viral shows a woman confronting McDonald’s staff about a wrapper she says is pro-Israel subliminal propaganda. But what’s the story behind the video?

Andy Ngo / Jan 3, 2024

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Fired Democrat Senate staffer who made sex tape in iconic Senate room has long history of making porn

Aidan Maese-Czeropski was revealed to be the staffer for Democrat Maryland Senator Ben Cardin who made a sex tape in the Judiciary Room in the Capitol. He denies wrongdoing in a statement but recently deleted social posts show he has a history of making graphic sexual content.

Andy Ngo / Dec 17, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Trans child of Connecticut deputy associate attorney general arrested over antisemitic felony hate crime

The 28-year-old trans child of Connecticut's deputy associate attorney general was arrested over a felony antisemitic hate crime incident in Newtown.

Andy Ngo / Dec 12, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Florida Trantifa activist allegedly murdered man, set his home on fire

Leftist activists are trying to free a fellow trans comrade in northern Florida who was indicted on charges including first-degree murder, arson and burglary.

Andy Ngo / Nov 20, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: UC Berkeley instructor gives extra credit to students to attend pro-Palestine rally organized by pro-Hamas organization

An ethnic studies instructor at UC Berkeley is revealed to have offered her students extra credit to attend a campus walkout protest for Gaza co-organized by a group that expresses support for Hamas’ atrocities in Israel.

Andy Ngo / Oct 25, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Everything you need to know about the 61 Antifa-linked 'Stop Cop City' suspects indicted on RICO charges

A nonprofit with millions of dollars allegedly raised cash for the militants to buy ammunition and surveillance equipment.

Andy Ngo / Sep 7, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland trans activist allegedly destroyed and defecated inside teen girl's car over 'transphobia' claim

A Portland trans activist with a violent criminal history has been charged for allegedly destroying a teen girl's car and defecating inside. The suspect allegedly told police the teen was "transphobic."

Andy Ngo / Aug 31, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: No prison time for pedophile Portland Antifa member who pleaded guilty to stabbing black conservative at 2020 riot

A Portland Antifa member with a child sex crime conviction gets no prison time in a sweetheart deal after pleading guilty to stabbing a black conservative livestreamer during the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots.

Andy Ngo / Jun 22, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Far-left New York riot arrestee was out on bail for domestic terrorism in Atlanta

Atlanta domestic terrorism suspect Teresa Yue Shen, who is out on bond, was arrested at a riot in New York City.

Andy Ngo / May 26, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Drag queens perform sexually charged Mother’s Day show in front of children in Washington

Footage has emerged of children in attendance at an adult-themed drag show in the Seattle area.

Andy Ngo / May 14, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Georgia trans person faces more than 50 child sex abuse felonies following arrest at daycare

A trans person suspected of child sex abuse was arrested at an in-home child daycare in Paulding County, Ga.

Andy Ngo / Apr 27, 2023

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Oregon teachers' aide, ‘drag mom’ to child drag queen sentenced to less than 1 year in jail for 11 felony child sex crimes

An Oregon drag queen and former teacher’s aide who helped groom a child into becoming a drag performer was convicted of nearly a dozen felony child sex crimes.

Andy Ngo / Apr 20, 2023

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