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Anna Slatz

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Politics & Policy

The Jussie Smollett hoax reveals deeper deceptions

While the extent of Jussie Smollett’s grandiose deception is still being determined, the jig is quite unceremoniously up.

Anna Slatz / Feb 20, 2019


Why cultural appropriation is an empty concept

One of the greatest oddities of the manifesto of cultural appropriation is how there is an assumed allowance for PoCs to appropriate other PoC cultures with relative impunity

Anna Slatz / Feb 4, 2019


Confessions of a young communist

In reality, Marx’s initial observations on power dynamics still have some relevance today. I see them unconsciously manifested all the time on both the left and right in populist movements appealing to the disenfranchised “little guy.”

Anna Slatz / Jan 30, 2019


Living under censorship in China and Thailand

The conditions of censorship in China and Thailand are shocking

Anna Slatz / Dec 19, 2018

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