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Anna Slatz

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Canadian News

Suspected and self-admitted cenotaph vandal arrested by Toronto police

Toronto Police have arrested a man going by the same name as someone on Facebook who posted a lengthy statement claiming he vandalized the monument.

Anna Slatz / Nov 15, 2019

Canadian News

Jessica Yaniv’s human rights appeal declined

Jessica Yaniv’s appeal to have her complaints to the BCHRT reheard regarding salon workers declining to wax her male genitalia was declined Wednesday.

Anna Slatz / Nov 13, 2019

Canadian News, Culture

Girl jokes about being ‘whitest person ever’ after winning Indigenous scholarship, faces outrage

Social media users expressed outrage this past week after seeing what appeared to be a young white student getting a scholarship intended for Indigenous youth.

Anna Slatz / Nov 10, 2019

Canadian News, Culture

Former Conservative party candidate apologizes for viral rainbow poppy tweet

On November 8th, Cyara Bird issued a statement on her Twitter addressing the viral fallout from the coverage of her initial tweets.

Anna Slatz / Nov 9, 2019

Canadian News, Culture, Politics & Policy

EXCLUSIVE: Girl suspended for rejecting rainbow poppy speaks out

The 17-year-old girl who was suspended from school yesterday over a rainbow poppy row, has provided an exclusive statement to The Post Millennial.

Anna Slatz / Nov 7, 2019

Canadian News, Culture, Politics & Policy

Students suspended from Canadian high school for arguing against wearing rainbow poppy

Two teenage students have apparently been suspended from Stonewall Collegiate in Manitoba for arguing against the idea of wearing a rainbow poppy.

Anna Slatz / Nov 6, 2019

Culture, Politics & Policy

WATCH: ‘Anti-bigotry’ activist was super racist outside Meghan Murphy event

“Is that your mail-order bride?” Jabbour is seen repeatedly pointing at the Asian partner of the attendee, before asking “How much? How much did you pay?”

Anna Slatz / Nov 5, 2019

Opinion, News, Culture

Jessica Yaniv says tribunal ruling against her was ‘total misunderstanding’

Jessica Yaniv claims that the ruling against her has a “ton of inaccurate information” and was a “total misunderstanding.”

Anna Slatz / Oct 26, 2019

News, Culture, Politics & Policy

The lawyer who took down Jessica Yaniv explains the case

“One of the clients I spoke with was crying. It was a very heavy weight off her shoulders—the stress, the loss of income. She was exceedingly relieved.”

Anna Slatz / Oct 22, 2019

News, Culture, Politics & Policy

Jessica Yaniv loses cases against women who wouldn’t “wax her balls”

Jessica Yaniv, who infamously brought human rights complaints against multiple women for declining to wax her male genitals, has lost her cases.

Anna Slatz / Oct 22, 2019

Canadian News

New questions raised in PPC riding association’s resignations in light of CPC allegedly hiring Kinsella to attack party

In the wake of the bombshell revelations that Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party of Canada hired Warren Kinsella to “seek and destroy” Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party, new questions have come to the surface about the July 2019 mass resignation of the Elmwood-Transcona PPC board.

Anna Slatz / Oct 21, 2019

Culture, Politics & Policy

“I was on no one’s side!”: The father of unmasked Antifa activist speaks out

“Before that, I did not know what antifa was. I had not even heard of it. We just want to wake up from this nightmare. I hate politics.”

Anna Slatz / Oct 16, 2019

Canadian News

Former deputy Liberal PM shames victim of sexual harassment, Catherine McKenna stays silent

Former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps has once again found herself at the center of controversy, this time for cyberbullying a victim.

Anna Slatz / Oct 10, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

The real losers of last night’s leaders’ debate were the Canadians who watched it

I could have closed YouTube. But I can’t turn off my country. If you made it through with your will to live still intact then pat yourself on the back.

Anna Slatz / Oct 8, 2019

Opinion, Culture

The bizarre world of tax-exempt pedophiles

Pedophile organizations have been trying to weasel their way into normalcy for a while. But did you know some are tax exempt?

Anna Slatz / Sep 18, 2019

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