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Anna Slatz

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American News, Culture

WATCH: Arrests made as antifa, trans protestors disrupt free speech event in Seattle

The Seattle Public Library event represents a disturbing trend in peaceful talks being shouted down by social justice mobs.

Anna Slatz / Feb 2, 2020

Canadian News, Culture

Jessica Yaniv sues more immigrant salon workers—tribunal says ‘enough’

Jessica Yaniv is pursuing yet another immigrant-woman owned salon, However, Yaniv is being penalized for refusing to pay outstanding fines.

Anna Slatz / Feb 2, 2020

Canadian News, Culture

CTV parts ways with journalist after coronavirus joke

On January 26, CTV journalist Peter Akman tweeted a joke and photo of himself standing in front of an Asian man wearing a mask. He's since been fired.

Anna Slatz / Jan 30, 2020

American News, Culture

Did an anti-gun activist stage a ‘death threat’ for Twitter?

On Saturday, anti-gun activist Joseph Sakran posted to his Twitter alleging he had received a menacing “death threat” for his activism.

Anna Slatz / Jan 26, 2020

Canadian News, Culture

WATCH: Jessica Yaniv assaults journalist outside of court

the scene outside of the Surrey Law Courts was shocking as Yaniv was caught on camera violently assaulting Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte.

Anna Slatz / Jan 13, 2020


Anti-Jordan Peterson professor accused of abuse of power by former colleague, students

Professor McCoy said, “Peterson is basically espousing hate speech and he ought to be deplatformed in the strongest sense” according to a former student.

Anna Slatz / Jan 11, 2020

Canadian News, News, Culture

Jessica Yaniv sues more women salon owners for wax job refusal

The She Point Beauty Salon, owned and operated by Sikh women has become the newest target for Jessica Yaniv’s litigation after declining her a leg wax.

Anna Slatz / Jan 7, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

CBC celebrates antifa in new documentary

CBC’s The Fifth Estate aired a broadcast on antifa Sunday night, and it was more like an advertisement for the extremist group than an investigative report.

Anna Slatz / Jan 6, 2020

Opinion, American News, Culture

YouTuber Onision accused of abusing teen girls

Greg Jackson, more commonly known by his screen name Onision, has been on the YouTube platform since 2006 and has been accused by multiple teen girls.

Anna Slatz / Dec 27, 2019

Culture, International News

U.K. feminist fired for women’s rights activism loses case

“Shock and disbelief” is how Maya Forstater opened her CrowdJustice update as the Employment Tribunal in central London released their judgement today.

Anna Slatz / Dec 18, 2019

Canadian News, Culture

Canadian literary editor fired after supporting free speech

Literary editor Will Johnson was fired from his position at the Humber Literature Review for supporting Meghan Murphy’s right to freedom of speech.

Anna Slatz / Dec 17, 2019

American News, Technology, International News, Politics & Policy

Journalists suspended from Twitter for reporting on Pensacola Shooter’s motivation

Multiple journalists and media personalities have been suspended from Twitter for reporting details on shooter Mohammed Alshamrami.

Anna Slatz / Dec 8, 2019

American News, Culture

UPDATE: Twitter employee violated policy with tweets harassing Andy Ngo

A Twitter account that has been engaged in targeted harassment of TPM Editor-at-large Andy Ngo belongs to none other than a Twitter employee.

Anna Slatz / Dec 5, 2019

Opinion, Culture

#TROLLINGTHEGUARDIAN: The Guardian is censoring satirists

A popular parody account has been suspended from Twitter following outrage by one of the largest media outlets in the world, The Guardian.

Anna Slatz / Dec 3, 2019

American News, Culture

A bestselling trans author’s tweet thread about abuse goes viral, then came the allegations of her own abuse

A viral tweet thread from critically acclaimed trans author Meredith Stroud about abuse may be a case of projection.

Anna Slatz / Nov 18, 2019

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