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Anna Slatz

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American News, International News

Bill Gates held an event that predicted the coronavirus pandemic

In October, John Hopkins University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held an event examining the “fictional” emergence of a global pandemic.

Anna Slatz / Mar 15, 2020


Jessica Yaniv targets journalist with bogus criminal accusations

Jessica Yaniv has gone to the RCMP to double down on the false allegation that independent journalist Amy Eileen Hamm assaulted her.

Anna Slatz / Mar 14, 2020

Opinion, International News

China is not to be trusted when it comes to coronavirus

Many skeptics and whistleblowers have come forward to challenge the official narrative of China regarding the coronavirus.

Anna Slatz / Mar 13, 2020


EXCLUSIVE: Father loses daughter after ex-wife transitions, claims to be the real father, then dies

An Ontario father has been desperately trying to reach his daughter to let her know he’s alive. The daughter believes her now-dead mother was her father.

Anna Slatz / Mar 10, 2020

Culture, International News

REVEALED: Antifa has a pedophile problem

Across the globe, it’s been discovered that many organized antifa groups have trouble with pedophilia in their ranks.

Anna Slatz / Mar 7, 2020

Culture, International News

Guardian employee quits after op-ed on women’s rights ‘scares’ her

A transgender employee at the Guardian has resigned in a rather dramatic fashion after claiming an opinion piece on women’s rights made her “scared.”

Anna Slatz / Mar 3, 2020

Canadian News

Convicted pedophile claims ‘discrimination’ after being fired from University of Manitoba

A convicted pedophile is taking the University of Manitoba to the province’s human rights commission claiming he’s been discriminated against.

Anna Slatz / Mar 1, 2020

Culture, Politics & Policy

Rape shelter loses funding after trans rights activists complain

A Vancouver-area rape crisis shelter has lost its public funding after trans rights activists complained to the city about its women’s only policy.

Anna Slatz / Feb 27, 2020

American News, Culture

Female prisoner claims she was raped by transgender inmate, sues prison

A female inmate in Illinois is suing a prison after alleging they attempted to cover up her sexual assault by a transgender inmate that was housed with her.

Anna Slatz / Feb 20, 2020

News, American News

New York Times publishes op-ed by TALIBAN leader

The New York Times published an opinion piece by a Taliban terrorist who the US government has a $10 million bounty on.

Anna Slatz / Feb 20, 2020


Lesbians removed from Australian Pride for “transphobia”

A lesbian event has been removed from Sydney, Australia’s LGBT Pride after a vocal minority protested the participation of a popular lesbian YouTuber.

Anna Slatz / Feb 17, 2020

Opinion, American News, Culture

Pornhub facilitates the abuse of underage girls

Pornhub doesn’t properly vet porn posted to its platform, resulting in videos of underage girls being sexually assaulted posted to the site.

Anna Slatz / Feb 17, 2020


Coronavirus may have originated at Wuhan lab

The newest deadly strain of the coronavirus may have come from a laboratory near the Wuhan market after all, according to a paper put forth by scientists.

Anna Slatz / Feb 16, 2020

American News

“RACIST SOCIOPATH”: Pete Buttigieg called out by black voters

While Buttigieg parrots the typical Democrat lines on equality, the most recent polling stated Buttigieg enjoyed 0% support amongst black voters.

Anna Slatz / Feb 11, 2020

Canadian News, Culture

Jessica Yaniv advances private prosecution against disabled journalist

Jessica Yaniv appeared at the Surrey Courthouse today to advance a private prosecution against Donald Smith, an intellectually disabled citizen journalist.

Anna Slatz / Feb 5, 2020

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