“RACIST SOCIOPATH”: Pete Buttigieg called out by black voters

While Buttigieg parrots the typical Democrat lines on equality, the most recent polling stated Buttigieg enjoyed 0% support amongst black voters.
Anna Slatz Montreal, QC

Despite being heralded as experiencing a ‘surge’ after the much-benighted Iowa democratic caucuses by the mainstream media, Pete Buttigieg’s campaign is facing a problem: Courting the coveted African-Amerian demographic.

While Buttigieg parrots the typical Democrat lines on equality and giving regular shoutouts to BlackLivesMatter and other social justice groups, the most recent polling stated Buttigieg enjoyed 0% support amongst black voters.

Some have speculated Buttigieg’s failure to gain traction with black and brown voters stem from his tenure as the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. As Buttigieg’s campaign moves forward, more reports and whistleblowers emerged claiming “Mayor Pete” perpetuated an environment of systemic racism in South Bend.

Of the more damning claims, that the three African Americans in visible, high-level leadership positions would be gone within three months of Buttigieg becoming Mayor of South Bend. This included the city’s first-ever black Police Chief, Darryl Boykins, who had been subjected to a racist campaign of harassment by white police officers who had been caught in recorded audio conspiring to remove him based on a desire to have “white people in charge.”

The black community recently took to social media to express their disdain of “Mayor Rat” by digging up compromising tweets, and video clips from the democratic candidate which they claim demonstrate he has a clear racial bias.

One Twitter user found a 2017 tweet from Buttigieg which seemed to imply the use of assault weapons was more acceptable in foreign countries, against foreign people, than it was in the United States.

Another posted a cringe-inducing clip of Buttigieg being interviewed in South Carolina, and stating he did not accept “black money” in his campaign. He quickly corrected himself, intending to say “dark money.”

Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa of Chicago’s 35th ward called Buttigieg a “racist sociopath” for challenging the use of satellite caucuses in Iowa; Caucuses located in nontraditional settings for people who could not attend a designated precinct. Satellite caucuses were overwhelmingly utilized by immigrants, and people of colour.

With the most recent polling placing Buttigieg at 10% nationally, a figure which is slowly but consistently increasing, it remains to be seen what impact the black and brown community’s disdain for him will have on his chances at becoming the Democratic nominee.

Anna Slatz
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