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Anna Slatz

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Canadian News

CBC targets independent news outlet for 'racism' after it reports accurately on China

CBC is under fire after publishing a hostile article targeting an independent conservative media outlet run by members of a highly-persecuted Chinese religious minority for its accurate reporting on China.

Anna Slatz / Apr 29, 2020

American News, Culture

Antifa leader issues violent death threat to journalist Andy Ngo

“I am going to be a cannibal, dude. I am going to chop the dude’s skull up and use it as a teacup,” Marquez said. “I am going to feed people the body of Andy.”

Anna Slatz / Apr 16, 2020


CBC is pamphleteering for the Trudeau government during the coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 situation has seemingly brought out the worst in CBC’s tendency to cozy up to the Liberal government.

Anna Slatz / Apr 16, 2020

Culture, International News

Radical trans rights activists threaten journalist for writing Animal Crossing article

Trans rights activists took aim at a small gaming publication last week after one of their writers published an article on the popular game Animal Crossing.

Anna Slatz / Apr 13, 2020


Amazon removes Mike Cernovich’s film 'Hoaxed'

In what is being labeled an apparent act of corporate censorship, Amazon has removed Mike Cernovich’s documentary on fake news from their Prime video store.

Anna Slatz / Apr 9, 2020

Canadian News

BREAKING: Lawyers challenge Alberta government on coronavirus ‘power grab’

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has expressed concerns about Alberta’s United Conservative Party for what they say is an “unconstitutional power grab”

Anna Slatz / Apr 6, 2020

Canadian News, Culture

BREAKING: Jessica Yaniv gets suspended from Twitter

Today, Yaniv tweeted out a photo of a cheque for salon workers harmed by her "wax my balls" case. Shortly after posting the photo of the $6,000 cheque, she was suspended from Twitter.

Anna Slatz / Apr 2, 2020

Opinion, International News

The World Health Organization is to blame

On March 3, the virus had already gone global and impacted tens of thousands, but the WHO was more concerned with language policing.

Anna Slatz / Mar 30, 2020


Journalists spread misinformation that made coronavirus crisis worse

CTV’s own “science and technology expert,” the aptly-named Dan Riskin, seemed to discourage people from avoiding international travel, claiming that “planes are a really good environment for not spreading disease.”

Anna Slatz / Mar 26, 2020

Canadian News

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked documents show Canadian Armed Forces' emergency coronavirus plans

A leaked internal document from the Department of National Defense (DND) was provided exclusively to The Post Millennial, outlining the plan for the military's pandemic response.

Anna Slatz / Mar 24, 2020

Canadian News, Opinion

Canadians must reject Trudeau’s overreach during the coronavirus outbreak

If this proposed bill passes and the Emergency Measures Act is also invoked—the federal Liberals will have complete and total control over Canadian life.

Anna Slatz / Mar 23, 2020


Twitter slams Rosario Dawson for alleged assault on trans man

The top comments on Twitter under Dawson’s name are related to an incident from her past with a female-to-male transgender individual named Derek Finley.

Anna Slatz / Mar 20, 2020

Canadian News

Canada is already using chloroquine on coronavirus patients

A COVID-19 treatment has already been rolled out at the Montreal Jewish Hospital, giving hope to many that there might be light at the end of the quarantine.

Anna Slatz / Mar 19, 2020

Canadian News, Culture

Jessica Yaniv pleads guilty to weapons charge

Jessica Yaniv pleaded guilty to a prohibited weapons charge and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation prior to a July sentencing date.

Anna Slatz / Mar 17, 2020


Twitter slams ACLU lawyer for soliciting DMs from minors

An ACLU lawyer is under fire for appearing to soliciting underage transgender people to message him privately.

Anna Slatz / Mar 17, 2020

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