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Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe

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Seattle pays to house illegal immigrants in hotels in other Washington cities

The move sparked concern that more illegal immigrants from other cities would come to Seattle to make similar demands.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Feb 7, 2024

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Mayor, city manager point fingers at police after anti-Israel activists allowed to block intersections in Bellevue, WA

Following pushback to the decision, the mayor questioned if the Emmy-winning journalist was "...hoping that we go back to Alabama in the 60s with our police response to protest."

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Feb 1, 2024

American News

Seattle closes light rail stop before 'Shut it down for Palestine' protesters march on station

“Heads up riders: Due to a planned protest, we have closed the U District station for safety reasons."

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Jan 21, 2024

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Former WA council candidate arrested, charged with assault of parent during school drop-off

Gardheere grabbed the sign from one of the children while screaming “Free Palestine” and Black Lives Matter” and walked off to confront a man who was in his car dropping off his kids for school.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Dec 14, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Equipment trailer for Seattle underprivileged kids soccer league allegedly stolen by prolific offender

The trailer also contained donations for a food bank for Thanksgiving.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Dec 5, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Deadbeat tenants owe landlords thousands as WA courts struggle with eviction backlog

"There is no law protecting the landlord, Justice delayed is justice denied."

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Nov 15, 2023

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Seattle area soccer league for underprivileged kids cancels season over crime, homelessness

Aldridge is leveling the blame at elected officials for their “soft on crime” public policies, especially King County Executive, Dow Constantine who has known about the problems for over 4 years.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Oct 24, 2023

American News

BREAKING: Faculty, students and alum at University of Washington rally in support of Hamas terror group

The flyer advertising the event featured one of the parachute gliders Hamas terrorists used to invade Israel.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Oct 12, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Seattle firefighters' tires slashed, cars vandalized in newest attack against first responders

Sources within SFD say there is growing frustration that firefighters are being targeted by criminals, and the city, along with upper management, are not doing enough to protect them.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Oct 3, 2023

News Analysis

Washington state spends $143 MILLION to get 126 out of homelessness—now Jay Inslee is asking for more

“That’s the equivalent of spending... $1,137,256 per person to exit homelessness.”

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Sep 16, 2023

American News

Seattle-area bail fund to prioritize assistance for 'self-identified non-white and non-cisgender people'

"…we will be prioritizing bail assistance for self-identified non-white and non-cisgender people."

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Sep 16, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Latest blunder of Seattle area homeless agency showcases failure of Biden-endorsed 'housing first' model

Only 16 people have been housed in units with only 11 landlords participating in the program since the program's launch in 2022 which had a goal of 800 units.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Aug 12, 2023

American News

Improvised explosive devices used to bomb tent full of homeless drug addicts in ongoing 'turf war' near Seattle hospital

The explosion was a targeted attack on a fentanyl tent where 20 “customers” were inside using drugs.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Jul 27, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Seattle-area July 4th parade rerouted to avoid homeless camp

"We're going to take a left on 4th and just head into town square park."

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Jul 4, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE: Inmate overdose rates in Washington prisons spike

Overdose deaths in Washington have spiked by 24 percent, the highest increase in the country.

Ari Hoffman and Jonathan Choe / Jun 22, 2023

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