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Ari Hoffman

Ari is the associate editor and Seattle correspondent of The Post Millenial. He is also the host of The Ari Hoffman Show on Talk Radio 570 KVI

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Seattle asks Washington State for cash influx for undocumented immigrants—businesses, residents, see no help in sight

The Seattle City Council asked Governor Jay Inslee to provide $100,000,000 in coronavirus relief for undocumented immigrants.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 28, 2020

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Antifa rioters made lists of Seattle businesses to destroy

On July 22, over 150 rioters took to the streets of Capital Hill in Seattle, doing "massive amounts of property damage, looting, shooting fireworks, and committing arson."

Ari Hoffman / Jul 25, 2020

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Deadly hit-and-run driver pleads not guilty on all counts in Seattle protestor fatality

On Wednesday, Dawit Kelete, 27, the suspect in the hit and run death of a protestor on Seattle's I-5 on July 4, plead not guilty to all charges.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 23, 2020

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Seattle's jail and juvenile detention centre closures were not vetted by corrections guild

In an interview with The Post Millennial, Folk said that the announcement that King County Executive Dow Constantine was closing downtown jail facilities "came like a bolt from the blue."

Ari Hoffman / Jul 22, 2020

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BREAKING: Seattle plans to shutter downtown jail, juvenile detention centers after city council votes to defund police

Seattle's King County is planning on closing the county jail in Seattle and has no plan to replace it. There are additional plans to end all youth detention by 2025.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 21, 2020

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Segregation in the name of anti-racism advocated by Washington State

Washington State agencies are using segregation to enforce racial equity and adhere to the new social justice norms of anti-racism.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 21, 2020

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Mother of teen shot dead in occupied zone files wrongful death claim against Seattle

Donnitta Sinclair, Anderson’s Mother, alleges that city officials created a dangerous environment and failed to provide medical help to her son as he lay dying.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 20, 2020

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Seattle city councilmember says fire white police officers first

Lisa Herbold suggested that SPD terminations should be made based on race, with white officers laid off first to spare the jobs of BIPOC officers.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 20, 2020

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Twelve officers injured as riots return to Seattle

Twelve police officers were injured, and two rioters were arrested as Seattle faced a resurgence of civil unrest yesterday.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 20, 2020

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Seattle officials worked hard to appease BLM and Antifa occupiers

As opposed to treating the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) as an armed takeover of the city, Seattle officials saw it as an opportunity.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 11, 2020

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Seattle imposes new tax to go after Jeff Bezos—but his income is under the threshold

Seattle passed a tax on salaries of top earners in an effort to target Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Ironically, the tax does not apply to Jeff Bezos himself.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 10, 2020

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Seattle schools prioritize access for 'students furthest from educational justice' and 'students of color'

Per the guidelines, "students furthest from educational justice," and "students of colour" would be given priority on returning to school for face-to-face instruction.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 9, 2020

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Black Lives Matter stands against Israel

BLM protests have continued their call for defunding police departments, but they have since added a new target for their anger— the Jewish state of Israel.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 8, 2020

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Seattle's Capitol Hill is liberated from violent occupation

As the police pushed occupiers out of the area, they found spike strips, knives, and made over 40 arrests in downtown Seattle.

Ari Hoffman / Jul 2, 2020

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Seattle begins to dismantle occupied zone as mayor tries to sanction militant council member

Seattle crews began removing the barriers around the occupation, while Mayor Durkan asked for the punishment or expulsion of City Council Member Kshama Sawant.

Ari Hoffman / Jun 30, 2020

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