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Damien C. Kurek

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Regional respect is a keystone of the Canadian federation

Self-serving, left-leaning politicians have put their narrow personal and electoral interests above our nation's best interests. They play politics by pitting region against region—like the Bloc have tried to do with this motion.

Damien C. Kurek / Jun 17, 2021

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Alberta's vital role in Canada has been ignored for too long by Trudeau Liberals

Folks in Alberta are increasingly telling me they feel like Canada has given up on them. And by and large, they don't want to give up on Canada; they simply feel left behind.

Damien C. Kurek / Feb 11, 2021


Trudeau's self-serving corruption is not the leadership Canadians deserve

To use proroguing to stop investigations into one's ethical conduct is an outrageous abuse of executive power.

Damien C. Kurek / Aug 21, 2020

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