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David Krayden

David Krayden was an Air Force public affairs officer who served in Bosnia. He left the military to work as a legislative assistant and communications officer on Parliament Hill. He was the Ottawa bureau chief for the Daily Caller and was the senior Parliamentary columnist for the Western Standard. 

Canadian News

Canada's military attempts to tighten up 'relaxed' dress and deportment policy

"We will balance our traditions with societal expectations, and the needs of the service."

David Krayden / Jul 17, 2024

Canadian News

UBC investigates professor for social media post saying Trump assassination would be 'a glorious day'

"What a glorious day this could have been," University of British Columbia medical professor Karen Pinder posted to X.

David Krayden / Jul 16, 2024

Canadian News

Alberta nurse told author Heather Hancock she was 'selfish' for not getting MAiD

"You're being selfish. You're not living, you're merely existing."

David Krayden / Jul 15, 2024

Canadian News

Maxime Bernier predicts Trudeau will resign before the next federal election

"And if Trudeau resigns that will be around the time his party will have time to do a leadership contest [and elect] a new leader."

David Krayden / Jul 12, 2024

Canadian News

Canada is now a 'car theft capital of the world': report

Thieves stole more than 105,000 vehicles in Canada in 2022.

David Krayden / Jul 11, 2024

Canadian News

Canada's Ambassador for Climate Change racks up massive travel bill to 'inform' world about carbon tax and other Trudeau government policies

She eschews train travel, preferring to travel by air even if the latter transportation creates a larger carbon footprint.

David Krayden / Jul 10, 2024

Canadian News

KFC bans pork, offers Halal chicken to make soul food menu more 'diverse and inclusive' in Canada

"This initiative is a testament to our commitment to providing diverse and inclusive menu options for all our customers."

David Krayden / Jul 9, 2024

Canadian News

Trudeau to attend NATO summit in DC while allies criticize lack of required defense spending

Twenty-three of 32 NATO member nations are in line to achieve that objective this year, while Canada remains well behind at approximately 1.3 percent. 

David Krayden / Jul 8, 2024

Canadian News

REVEALED: Trudeau’s ‘thought crimes’ bill would create $200 MILLION in new bureaucracy—Poilievre vows to repeal it

"Should his Liberal-NDP coalition government pass this new censorship law, a Pierre Poilievre common sense Conservative government will repeal it."

David Krayden / Jul 7, 2024

Canadian News

Maxime Bernier says new female head of Canadian Armed Forces is ‘woke’ choice obsessed with ‘gender identity nonsense’

"The new boss of the Canadian Armed Forces appointed by Trudeau yesterday is the woke apparatchik who brought DEI rules and diversity hiring quotas."

David Krayden / Jul 7, 2024

News Analysis

VIVA FREI: Biden's debate performance 'an abject disaster' but Democrats 'will never even think about voting for the actually qualified candidate … Donald Trump'

Biden is "totally incapable of doing the job. But they can't replace him for no good reason."

David Krayden / Jul 4, 2024

Canadian News

Palestinian woman slated for deportation from Canada after working for Hamas-related group

The decision is under appeal at the Federal Court.

David Krayden / Jun 28, 2024

Canadian News

Conservative candidate WINS Toronto parliament seat that Liberals held for over 30 years

Stewart won 42.1 percent of the vote to Church's 40.5 percent.

David Krayden / Jun 25, 2024

Toronto School Board to include 'anti-Palestinian racism' as part of 'anti-racism' program even though there's no 'specific definition' for it

Toronto School Board spokesman Ryan Bird admitted there isn't a "specific definition" for "anti-Palestinian" racism.

David Krayden / Jun 21, 2024

Canadian News

Toronto Police investigate Rebel News for potential hate crime over 'anti-Muslim' messaging on advertising truck

"Hey Jew-hunter. With your $25,000 Jew-hunting bounty. It was me. My truck. Now hand over the $25K. I'll take payment in felafel and shawarma."

David Krayden / Jun 21, 2024

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