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David Krayden

David Krayden was an Air Force public affairs officer who served in Bosnia. He left the military to work as a legislative assistant and communications officer on Parliament Hill. He was the Ottawa bureau chief for the Daily Caller and was the senior Parliamentary columnist for the Western Standard. 

News Analysis

Trudeau will not launch inquiry into allegations of Chinese election interference

Johnston squashed calls for a public inquiry into the issue of foreign election interference.

David Krayden / May 25, 2023

Canadian News

Growing number of Canadians welcome euthanasia on demand for non-medical reasons

Canadians are increasingly welcoming of Trudeau's MAiD program.

David Krayden / May 23, 2023

News Analysis

Justin Trudeau humiliates himself trying to shame Italy’s conservative leader over ‘LGBTQ2S+ rights’

"Trudeau was reckless; he was the victim of fake news."

David Krayden / May 21, 2023

Canadian News

Canadians believe Pierre Poilievre more honest about political views with public than Justin Trudeau by 16%

48 percent of voters called Poilievre a competent leader, while 42 percent said the same about Trudeau.

David Krayden / May 17, 2023

News Analysis

Canadian judges use race as a reason to reduce criminal sentences—though a defendant claims he used it to exploit the system

"I didn't face racism. It was my only way out of this situation. I took full advantage."

David Krayden / May 14, 2023

Canadian News

Poilievre slams Trudeau after PM calls him not 'woke' enough

Trudeau made the remarks during his keynote address to the Liberal Party convention in Ottawa on Thursday night.

David Krayden / May 5, 2023

News Analysis

Freedom Convoy's Tamara Lich says Trudeau 'stomped' on Canadian unity, releases new book Hold the Line

Lich spoke to The Post Millennial Thursday in an exclusive interview.

David Krayden / May 4, 2023

Canadian News

Trudeau spent Christmas vacation at luxury resort owned by Trudeau Foundation donor

The Trudeau family has known the Peter Green family since the 1970s when then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau stayed at the location.

David Krayden / Apr 18, 2023


Trudeau's injustice minister reveals new National Energy Program

Trudeau’s father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, started an energy war with Alberta in the 1970s by trying to force Alberta to sell its oil for a “made in Canada” price that was far below the world price of petroleum.

David Krayden / Apr 13, 2023

News Analysis

Trudeau Liberals' $48-million study finds 'whiteness' of gunman facilitated Portapique, NS massacre

A $48-million study into the 2020 Portapique, N.S. mass shootings blames the bloodshed on the race of the white “perpetrator” and suggests violence prevention is more effective than imprisoning violent offenders.

David Krayden / Apr 12, 2023

News Analysis

'No evidence of a threat': Freedom Convoy lawyer says Trudeau unlawfully invoked Emergencies Act

The Freedom Convoy lawyer said a ruling against the invocation of the Emergencies will have no immediate benefit for people affected by the EA “except for those few people who filed a lawsuit.” 

David Krayden / Apr 10, 2023

News Analysis

'Stalinist show trial': Canadians react to Trump charges on social media

One observer said the process remains a "Stalinist show trial."

David Krayden / Apr 6, 2023

News Analysis

Polievre SLAMS Trudeau for claiming legal firearms should be banned in response to knife crimes

Trudeau could only talk about how his government had “strengthened gun control” and how it had “continued to strengthen consequences for violent offenders."

David Krayden / Mar 30, 2023


Biden demands Canada secure northern border while allowing chaos to reign in the south

Canada has also agreed to accept 15,000 migrants from the "Western Hemisphere."

David Krayden / Mar 24, 2023


Trudeau government could crumble as NDP leader demands answers on China election scandal, intentional delay in release of '2 Michaels'

Singh has played the role of a man who can’t decide whether he’s an opposition leader or a member of a faux coalition.

David Krayden / Mar 23, 2023

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