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Eugene Fernandes

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Opinion, Politics & Policy

Let’s abolish Human Rights Tribunals!

Charging nothing for complaints should have led to people reporting discrimination, but there arose an unintended consequence! HRTs were used to make money. As one article points out, you just have to complain that someone hurt your feelings to win a big check.

Eugene Fernandes / Aug 1, 2019

Business & Finance

Ontario lawyers vote to stop compelled speech

In December 2016, the LSO required all licensees to “create and abide by an individual Statement of Principles that acknowledges your obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally, and in your behaviour towards colleagues, employees, clients and the public.”

Eugene Fernandes / May 2, 2019


*Crickets* from the Liberal caucus on SNC-Lavalin

When the Liberal party threw out Philpott and Raybould for pointing out Trudeau’s failure to uphold our most important principles, the Liberal Party demonstrated that they are not a party, but an echo chamber.

Eugene Fernandes / Apr 11, 2019

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