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Jamie Kilstein

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Modern tribal politics strips us of our empathy

If we get offline, join forces and get loud. It’s not about Trump. It’s not about AOC. We will figure out an immigration policy another day. Right now it’s about empathy; it’s about doing what’s right; it’s about kids.

Jamie Kilstein / Jul 4, 2019


I sucked at dodgeball and I’m not oppressed

Not everything has to be a tool of oppression. Things can just suck. Or be hard. But in 2019 we have to look at any inconvenience and then blame on the lack of global social justice.

Jamie Kilstein / Jun 16, 2019


America can’t quit Kanye

For a while, everyone stopped rooting for Kanye to get better. It’s worth asking why we did that. And it’s worth talking about how he’s still here.

Jamie Kilstein / Jun 10, 2019


Everyone should be cancelled

There is no time for self-examination when all of our condemnation is facing outward. There is no room for changing our own bad behavior if our days are filled with calling out other people on theirs.

Jamie Kilstein / May 20, 2019


How to critique religion without being a racist dick

The left and right both have very different problems with Islam. One is afraid to touch it and the other is too quick on the draw to blame it.

Jamie Kilstein / May 13, 2019

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