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John Ployer

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Canadian News, News, Culture

Canadian version of RuPaul’s drag race to start production this fall

Hit reality TV series “RuPaul’s Drag Race” will be getting a Canadian adaptation in the near future. The series, titled…

John Ployer / Jul 3, 2019

Business & Finance

Canadian economy sees minor growth, mixed performance: StatsCan

The Canadian economy is moving at a snail’s pace, being balanced by decent growth in some sectors and sharp declines in others, last weeks StatsCan report reveals.

John Ployer / Jun 4, 2019


RCMP taken to court for failure to disclose firearms information

The court ruling will have major implications to the extent that the RCMP can stop public inquiries into their practices.

John Ployer / Jan 9, 2019


PEI Progressive Conservative leadership debate

The Post Millennial reviews the PEI Progressive Conservative leadership debate.

John Ployer / Jan 6, 2019


Trudeau is as popular as Harper was in 2014

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just as popular as his predecessor Stephen Harper was in 2014, according to a new poll.

John Ployer / Jan 4, 2019


Energy crisis continues as oil rig activity drops 50%

Energy crisis continues as oil rig activity drops 50%

John Ployer / Jan 2, 2019


What Atlantic Canadians will be voting for in 2018

Since it appears that no one in Ottawa understands what Atlantic Canadians want to see from their federal government, allow me to tell them before they go to the polls.

John Ployer / Dec 29, 2018


Interview with Kevin Arsenault, P.E.I Progressive Conservative leadership candidate

The Post Millennial interviews Kevin Arsenault, a leadership candidate for the Progressive Conservatives P.E.I

John Ployer / Dec 22, 2018


Interview with Dennis King, P.E.I Progressive Conservative leadership candidate

The Post Millennial sits down with P.E.I Progressive conservative leadership candidate, Dennis King.

John Ployer / Dec 20, 2018


TPM Interviews: Blaine Higgs is determined to build Energy East, stop foreign oil

We had the opportunity to interview the new Premier of new Brunswick, Blaine Higgs. Here are some of the highlights.

John Ployer / Dec 19, 2018

Politics & Policy

Interview with Allan Dale, P.E.I. Progressive Conservative leadership candidate

Allan Dale is seeking the P.E.I. Progressive Conservative leadership.

John Ployer / Dec 14, 2018

Canadian News

Interview with Hannah Dawson-Murphy: 22-year-old seeking Conservative nomination

Hannah has gotten attention both at home and across Canada for defying the common perception of both conservatives and young people in this country.

John Ployer / Dec 12, 2018

Politics & Policy

Interview with Shawn Driscoll: PEI PC Party leadership candidate

"If we have any chance of getting Islander’s votes, we need to shake things up. We need a party that isn’t run by backroom politics and an old boy’s club."

John Ployer / Dec 11, 2018


Calgary comes out in droves in opposition to Federal Government's handling of pipelines

The chant “Build the Pipe” could be heard loudly with dozens of signs with slogans like “I love Canadian Oil & Gas” and “Kill Bill C-69” in reference to an oil and gas regulation act which is now in front of the Senate.

John Ployer / Nov 28, 2018

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