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John Carpay

Lawyer John Carpay is president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (


Is Canada sliding into a form of fascism?

Canadians have been forced to behave as though Covid is as bad as the Spanish Flu of 1918, even after it has become abundantly clear that this fearmongering has no basis in fact.

John Carpay / Feb 23, 2022


Use of emergency powers not justified by the facts in Ottawa

The prime minister is either out of touch with reality, or he is testing the old maxim that the big lie works better than the small lie.

John Carpay / Feb 15, 2022


Accusations against the truckers are vicious and baseless

No arrests have been made. No charges have been laid. In fact, crime has been down since the truckers arrived. (Photo: Beth Baisch)

John Carpay / Feb 8, 2022


The Toronto Star calls for massive violations of Charter rights

It is certainly true that "the government of Canada has declared COVID vaccines to be safe" but government declarations do not create reality.

John Carpay / Jan 6, 2022

Opinion, Discourse, #badge-discourse

If the unvaccinated should pay for their own healthcare, then why not smokers, addicts, and obese people?

Would Winnipeg gastroenterologist Dr. Charles Bernstein argue that obese people or smokers should be barred from entering grocery stores and supermarkets?

John Carpay / Dec 28, 2021

Opinion, Discourse, #badge-discourse

30 years after the Soviet Union's collapse, we still fight tyranny

The collapse of the Soviet Union on Christmas day, 1991, was an important step away from totalitarianism. We should be grateful to the millions of people who resisted tyranny over the course of decades.

John Carpay / Dec 24, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Canada's medical Colleges harm patients and the proper practice of medicine

Through their active support for mandatory vaccination, the Colleges are repudiating the Nuremberg Code and its ethical principle of informed and voluntary consent to all medical treatments without any duress or pressure of any kind.

John Carpay / Dec 17, 2021

Opinion, Discourse, #badge-discourse

Discrimination against unvaccinated Canadians not based on science

Natural immunity in those who have already had COVID is as effective, and likely more effective, than vaccine-induced immunity.

John Carpay / Dec 3, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Canadian colleges force out unvaccinated students despite their low COVID risk

Students who refuse this new vaccine will be expelled, after which they will be saddled with repaying student loans, all while being deprived of the careers they need in order to earn money to repay those loans.

John Carpay / Nov 26, 2021


Remembering the free society Canada once was

As we enter our twentieth month of “two weeks to flatten the curve,” freedom is still an incentive dangled just out of our reach.

John Carpay / Nov 12, 2021

Opinion, Discourse, #noads, #badge-discourse

Why it's so hard to trust government on vaccines after nearly two years of COVID blunders

My friend and I have very different takes on what the facts are. I think this stems, in large part, from having very different levels of trust in government, at least on the issue of how to respond to Covid.

John Carpay / Nov 8, 2021

Discourse, #noads, #badge-discourse

Natural immunity is effective as against COVID, so why doesn't it count for vaccine mandates?

Why are Canada's federal and provincial governments ignoring the natural immunity that already protects so many people?

John Carpay / Oct 27, 2021

Discourse, #badge-discourse

Vaccine mandates create system of segregation for Canadian citizens

Medical apartheid in Canada today cares not about race, but about whether an individual has received the correct number of injections of the experimental mRNA vaccine.

John Carpay / Oct 10, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Pediatrician claims children are their own best defense against Covid-19

As a pediatrician, Dr. Payne reviews the data which has shown consistently, since early 2020, that children are their own best defense against Covid.

John Carpay / Sep 30, 2021

News Analysis

Doctors' Colleges in Canada prefer ideology to science

The College expects Ontario doctors to forget their training to "do no harm," and to threaten doctors for speaking out against the damage that lockdowns have caused to their patients' health.

John Carpay / Jun 25, 2021

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