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John Carpay

Lawyer John Carpay is president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (

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Chief medical officers are a bigger danger to Canadians' health than COVID

Eight months later, and there is no valid reason for governments failing to provide Canadians with models for each of the multitude of predictable lockdown harms.

John Carpay / Dec 17, 2020

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Fewer Canadians dying since COVID-19—but no modelling for lockdown harms

In spite of politicians repeatedly warning us during the previous nine months that this virus is an unusually deadly killer, deaths in Canada actually declined from 190,000 to 187,000.

John Carpay / Dec 5, 2020

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Court challenge may force re-write of inequitable Federal Child Support laws

The Guidelines depart from these Divorce Act requirements by ignoring the income and financial circumstances of the ex-spouse who receives the child support payments.

John Carpay / Nov 27, 2020

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Grinch politicians threaten to steal Christmas

If the Grinch could have used COVID-19 as an excuse, he might have succeeded in destroying Christmas for the citizens of Whoville.

John Carpay / Nov 20, 2020

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Politicians are light on facts but heavy on fearmongering and restrictions

Fear is a dangerous emotion to play around with. What started as fear of the virus back in March has evolved for our leaders into fear of telling voters the truth.

John Carpay / Nov 10, 2020

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If Yaniv is permitted to compete in beauty pageant it would violate the Charter rights of women and girls

If Canada Galaxy Pageants is forced by law or by other forms of government coercion to include Yaniv, all other contestants would be forced to associate with Yaniv against their will.

John Carpay / Oct 30, 2020

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Kenney should lift the lockdown, not deny it was imposed

The thousands of Albertans forced into unemployment by lockdowns this past March would also be surprised by the Premier's claim that no lockdown was imposed in Alberta.

John Carpay / Oct 18, 2020

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Reports of increasing COVID-19 cases ignore declining deaths

The job-killing, economy-destroying, soul-deadening, anxiety-producing, loneliness-creating, debt-incurring lockdowns, imposed on us since March 2020, have now become permanent restrictions.

John Carpay / Oct 11, 2020

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Lockdowns deadlier than COVID in developing nations

Globally, the equivalent of 305 million full-time jobs have been lost, with women and young people who work in the informal economy being especially hard hit.

John Carpay / Sep 30, 2020


Canada is suffering from collective germophobia

Data published by governments around the world shows that COVID-19 threatens elderly people who are already very sick. COVID-19 poses virtually no threat to children, youth, or healthy adults under 60.

John Carpay / Sep 22, 2020

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Public health experts need to release their grip of fear on Canadians

To date, politicians and health officials won't release statistics disclosing the full impact of their lockdown measures.

John Carpay / Sep 12, 2020


COVID restrictions to Charter freedoms appear to be permanent

These supposed temporary restrictions now remain place in spite of a flattened curve and awareness that COVID-19 is not the unusually deadly killer that was predicted in March.

John Carpay / Sep 1, 2020


To save lives, let's give up more of our rights and freedoms

If giving up our Charter rights and freedoms in order to save lives is a good thing, then we really haven't gone far enough.

John Carpay / Aug 14, 2020


Laws limiting freedoms are not based in science but fear

These lockdowns were imposed for the purpose of flattening the curve, not stopping the spread. The curve is flat, and has been for months.

John Carpay / Aug 7, 2020


Singular focus on COVID has led to deadly unintended consequences

Our politicians' singular focus on eradicating COVID-19, to the exclusion of so many other aspects of public health is, not surprisingly, proving to be harmful.

John Carpay / Jul 31, 2020

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